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 	playa-arena-beachThere is hope that the economic crisis might not affect Tenerife tourism as much as was originally feared.

A report announced by the Association of British Travel Agents suggests that despite the doom and gloom of this financial crisis more than two-thirds of consumers are adamant they will have their annual holiday.

In a Holiday Value Report 68 % of people questioned intended to spend the same as last year or possibly increase their budget. The report also predicts that a single person will spend an average of £632 and a family of four £2,500. 37% said a holiday was the most important annual purchase – more important than a new car.

Between 24th December 2008 and 5th January 2009 2,447 adults took part in the poll.

Tourism minister Rita Martín and tourist Board bosses from each of the Canary Islands are in England this week to meet with leading UK tour operators, including Tui and Thomas Cook.

The main aims of the meetings are to discuss the demands from tour operators pressurising hotels to lower their prices and the “what ifs” of a repercussion of a charter airline collapse .