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An abandoned zodiac inflatable was discovered yesterday by Guardia Civil officers on the beach near the Granadilla Industrial Park containing 40 bales of hashish.

It is thought that the inflatable came ashore in the early hours but a patrol boat had scared off the smugglers. They abandoned the inflatable as well as the 1,000 kg of hashish it contained.

Drug traffickers regularly use the sea route between Africa and Tenerife as a stepping stone to get their illegal cargo into mainland Europe.

Thomsonfly is now offering winter holiday flights from nine UK airports including Gatwick and Manchester.

Thomsonfly claims to offer the most comprehensive range of flights from UK airports to winter sun favorite the Canary Islands, with flights starting from £54.99 one way.

“As well as offering great low fares and service options including pre-booked seating and quality, hot meals, Thomsonfly provides customers with convenience and flexibility by flying to many exciting destinations from their local airport. This is why Thomsonfly was voted ‘the consumers’ favorite leisure airline’ at the 2007 British Travel Awards,” says Thomsonfly commercial director, Guy Stephenson.

Flights from Gatwick airport go to Malaga, Alicante, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Paphos, Salzburg and Funchal. From Manchester airport Thomsonfly flies to Malaga, Alicante, Salzburg, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Paphos, Lanzarote, Marrakech and Funchal.

During the winter season the airline will also be offering flights from East Midlands airport to Alicante, Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.

The other UK airports included in Thomsonfly’s winter flights programme include Coventry, Doncaster, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Newcastle and Luton.

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The only woman competitor in the fifth regional Canarian Chef of the Year competition, at the Tenerife Showground in Santa Cruz, beat all her male rivals to lift the award.

Laura Nieto, who is originally from Galicia but has lived in Tenerife for eight years, was the outright winner of the 2-day event and picked up her award and €1500 prize money from the Cabildo’s vicepresident José Manuel Bermúdez.

For the compulsory round the entrants had to prepared unusual dishes and to make it more interesting, they had to include vine leaves.

The dishes are judged on presentation as well as taste, and the entrants are judged on technical ability, creativity, technique and organisation

Laura is chef at the Anthelia Hotel in Costa Adeje. Runner-up was Germán Blanco from Lanzarote.

For many years now there has been much speculating about the plans for the construction of a multi-purpose port at Fonsalía, between Playa San Juan and Alcalá on our west coast of Tenerife.

Draft plans for the €177 million project, covering an area of 27,000m, have now been announced by the Canarian government. They include four large quays for commercial vessels and inter-island ferries, docking facilities for cruise liners and a sports marina with berths for 463 boats.

The initial plans have been in the pipeline for some time now, and a lot of consideration has been given as to how to build the new section of the island ring road, between the Adeje roundabout and Guia de Isora, which has to include a connection running down to Fonsalía to cope with the increased amount of commercial and tourist traffic the port will bring.

Coalición Canaria spokesperson for Guía de Isora council, Jesús Morales said the project represented a unique opportunity for economic development in the municipality and would be taking a great deal of ferry traffic from Los Cristianos.

Guia de Isora Mayor, Pedro Martín, said he was delighted by the economic boom the project would bring to the area but there were still many obstacles to overcome, such as how to access the tiny village of Fonsalía and the environmental concerns of the people living there. Consideration of the environmental impact on the area was a priority.

Train first then tunnel

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The Tenerife Cabildo has announced that plans for a tunnel to link La Orotava with the other side of Tenerife are not a realistic prospect for at least 10 years.

Speculation has grown over the recent months that an enormous project to build the tunnel was about to be announced.

The corporation insists that the tunnel will not be even be in the first stages of planning until other projects such as the train from Santa Cruz to Playa de Las Américas are completed.

It was announced earlier this week by the President of the Tenerife Cabildo, Ricardo Melchior that there are plans for two new direct flights between Tenerife and Senegal and Tenerife and the Cape Verde Islands.

Yesterday the President announced there are also plans in the pipeline, which are expected to be announced next weeks, for a direct air link from Tenerife to Miami.

Once the flights are running there will no longer be a need for Tenerife residents to travel to any of the three destinations via Madrid or London.

The Canarian Health Service telephone appointments system failed yet again yesterday (22nd April) causing chaos.

Callers to the CHS number (012) were unable to get through to book an appointment with their GP or with a specialist.

The crash affected the entire system and was caused by a computer failure, which also prevented medical staff from consulting patient records ahead of the day’s appointments.

Tenerife was worst hit by the server breakdown, although scores of health centres in Gran Canaria were also badly affected.

The Health Service said that a back-up system had partially remedied the problem but disruption was inevitable.

Price falls of between 2% and 6% have been seen, especially in the South.

Value It, the Santa Ursula based publisher of The Tenerife Property Price Guide, today releases the results of its survey of Tenerife property prices, showing falls in prices for the three regions of Tenerife, (the South and South East, the North, and the Metropolitan region).

During the last six months, property prices have fallen by 3,48% in the South and South East (from Candelaria around the coast to Santiago del Teide). In the North, prices have fallen the least, by 2,64%, and in the Metropolitan region (Santa Cruz, La Laguna, El Rosario and Tegueste) prices have fallen by 3,27%. When general inflation is taken into account (2,1% over the last six months) the real falls are 5.6% in the South, 4,7% in the North and 5,4% in the Metropolitan region.

John Gardner of Value It commented: “These are averages for these regions, and are based upon a survey of 6250 properties for sale. Within each region there have been greater falls in some areas and for certain property types, and a few areas are level with inflation or still seeing prices rise.

Puerto de la Cruz has seen falls below the average for example, while the falls in Adeje are consistent with the southern region as a whole. The answer for people looking to buy in Tenerife is thorough research and knowing the pricing trends in the areas and for the property types. There is no substitute if you want to buy well and protect your investment. For those thinking of selling they can work out what would be a good or competitive price to ensure that they attract serious buyers”.

Woman hit by a taxi on zebra crossing dies.

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Elizabeth WarrenEx Mayoress, Elizabeth Warren, aged 66yrs, from Shropshire died after being hit by a taxi while on holiday in Las Americas with her husband.

Today her husband, former Machynlleth councillor and mayor Ivan Warren, from Shrewsbury, praised hospital staff for trying to save his wife, describing the care she received as “absolutely superb”.

Mr Warren, 68 said: “We were on holiday in Tenerife and “We were due to meet up for a meal but Elizabeth was struck by a taxi on a pedestrian crossing at about 5.45pm on April 6. She died from head injuries on April 11.”

The “Acantilado de Los Gigantes”, fourth annual underwater photographic competition dates are scheduled for June 28 to July 6 2008.

The amazing volcanic rock formations, caves, tunnels and arches plus the amazing diversity of marine live in the Los Gigantes area make it an ideal location for the competition.

The competition organiser is Antonio from the Los Gigantes Marina Diving Centre together with the Balfin association, assisted by Neville’s facilities from the English centre Los Gigantes Diving Centre.

The competition is sponsored by the local council, with the collaboration of the Tenerife Cabildo, with a view to promoting the area’s beautiful natural environment.

During the week long competition the underwater photographers will put together a portfolio of their best 10 photographs from 5 dives.

There is €10,000 in prize money, plus a special award, sponsored by El Corte Inglés for the best photo collection, which carries a prize of €600 worth of vouchers to spend in their store in Santa Cruz.

The entry fee is €200 including the 5 dives.
For more information contact:-

Antonio – Los Gigantes Marina Diving Centre (SPANISH) Tel 922 868002
Nev or Andy – Los Gigantes Diving Centre (ENGLISH) Tel 922 860431

Photographer with stingrayPhotographer with stingray – Los Gigantes

Photo from video footage by Dolly Diver