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Pay and Display on Los Gigantes Marina

Posted by dolly diver on August 9, 2012
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By the end of next week residents and visitors will have to pay to park on Los Gigantes Marina. 

A new barrier and ticket machine are currently being installed at the entrance to the marina.  Hourly fees have not been decided yet but will probably be in the region of 80cents to €1 per hour.  There will be a concessionary rate for businesses and boat owners.

 There are also proposals by Santiago del Teide council to limit the amount of time people can leave their cars in one place on urban roads in the municipality.

The aim of the plan is to achieve a rotation of cars to benefit traffic flow, residents and pedestrians.  All roads will be classified into zones and sub zones.  General roads will allow parking up to one and a half hours, after this time the car will have to be moved and not return to the same space for four hours.  Residents can apply for a sticker for their car windscreens.

Parking in a road with a short term classification will be restricted to 15 minutes whilst general long term will allow parking up to two hours with no return within four hours.  All areas will be clearly marked to show their status.

Residents who would like a sticker will have to provide proof of where they live on application.

The parking plan is currently out for public consultation.

Parking plans for Alcala and San Juan

Posted by dolly diver on September 16, 2009
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more-parking-in-alcalaWill the headache of trying to get parked in Alcala or San Juan soon be a thing of the past?

Work has already started in Alcala and is expected to be finished by 2010, on providing two floors of additional parking for 50 cars in the extension of the new cultural centre.

There are also plans for San Juan. The town square will be remodelled and the church demolished. A new church will be built by the beach. Sixty new parking places will be created in this project.

Guía council is treating the parking problem as a priority. Although new legislation means that new buildings have to have garage space for their residents, there are a great many older buildings in the area without this facility and they are determined that the transport of the borough will not be brought to a halt for lack of decent and sufficient parking for residents and visitors.

It’s a shame Santiago Del Teide Council have no similar parking plans for Los Gigantes. DD