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The Fred Olsen ferry is re-floated

Posted by dolly diver on December 5, 2008
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 	ferry_agroundThe Fred Olsen ferry, Bonanza Express, which ran aground at Los Cristianos earlier this week, has been successfully re-floated. She is now berthed in Los Cristianos harbour.

The ferry ran aground on the rocks when the gears failed and she was unable to reverse.

A spokesman for the company said that the re-floating was a massive operation which involved 250 specialised staff. The load of the ferry had to be lightened, so a second ferry, in a very tricky manoeuvre, reversed in so the cars and lorries could be unloaded. Then on the high tide tugs pulled her clear.
She is now undergoing inspections in Los Cristianos and will be taken to Las Palmas for repairs as there is no shipyard on Tenerife that can handle a vessel of that size.

An investigation into the accident is now in progress using data from the ships’ computers and statements from the crew and passengers.

ferry_agroundThe Fred Olsen Bonanza Express transporting 172 passengers from La Gomera to Los Christianos harbour ran aground on the beach of Los Tarajales last night.

Passengers, and eye witnesses on the shore described hearing a loud bang just after 8pm as the ferry struck the rocks, the vibrations from the impact were felt 500 yards away.

The ferry’s second engine developed reversing problems during the docking procedure and the first engine had already broken down.

The 95m long catamaran had been operating since 1999 and was the first of the company’s high-speed wave piercing catamarans with a top speed of 38 knots (more than 70kmh) and capable of carrying a maximum of 800 passengers and 235 cars. She covers the route between Valverde in El Hierro, La Gomera and Los Cristianos.

rescued_passengersAll passengers and 16 crew were taken off the stricken ferry just after 9pm by two Marine rescue craft and a Guardia Civil patrol boat, which ferried everyone to shore. There were no reported injuries though two were found to be illegal immigrants and will be deported.

A large oil slick developed around the boat and was quickly contained by a floating barrier.

A full investigation into the cause of the accident has been launched.

The newly refurbished beach promenade in Los Cristianos was officially opened by the Arona council on Friday 27th June.

The project took 15 months to complete and cost the council over three million euros. The work consisted of, “improvements to the 20 year-old promenade which involved repaving, replacing the furniture, creating accesses to the beach, public lighting and services such as the provision of toilets, showers and security. Read more

UK’s Jamiroquai in Tenerife

Posted by dolly diver on June 22, 2008
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UK’s Jamiroquai started their world tour on Friday, 13th of June,  with a concert in Gran Canaria and in Tenerife’s Arona the following evening.

After a two years break the group celebrated a magnificent comeback to the stage to present their new CD. The stadium of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, attracting around 30,000 fans, while the stadium in Los Cristianos, Tenerife, seemed to take a while to fill up. Eventually there was a rapturous reception when the group’s lead singer, superstar Jay Kay finally arrived on stage at about 1.30 am.

While fans were waiting for Jay Kay and his band, Canary musician Aristides Moreno and the popular Spanish group El Canto de Loco, kept the audience well entertained, so much so that the appearance of Jamiroquai with Jay Kay performing as lively and funky as always was just another highlight of a fabulous evening.


Even though the stadium was only half full by midnight, there was a good atmosphere. Jamiroquai performed songs from their new album but also delighted fans with classics like Cosmic Girl or Deeper Underground. And despite rumours claiming the performer from Manchester was not going to wear anything on his head this time, Jay Kay appeared with his typical funky hat, looking as cool and sexy as he probably could.


Boat owners in Los Cristianos are up in arms over new rules introduced by the port authority to control the amount of traffic using the harbour. Boats over 8m will be banned from the crowded port altogether, while vessels under 6m must be taken out of the water and stored ashore.

The Arona Ayuntamiento and the Port Authority announced months ago that they were introducing a new scheme to reduce the number of boats in the harbour. But notices to remove craft have been ignored. The council are now enforcing the new ruling.

Only 35 boats between 6m and 8m will be allowed to tie up in the harbour at any one time. 100 boat owners want these places so it is proposed they be entered into a lottery for one of the 35 available slots.

The new rules are causing conflict among upset boat owners as it will affect pleasure craft, sports fishing boats and passenger-carrying pleasure boats.

For many years now there has been much speculating about the plans for the construction of a multi-purpose port at Fonsalía, between Playa San Juan and Alcalá on our west coast of Tenerife.

Draft plans for the €177 million project, covering an area of 27,000m, have now been announced by the Canarian government. They include four large quays for commercial vessels and inter-island ferries, docking facilities for cruise liners and a sports marina with berths for 463 boats.

The initial plans have been in the pipeline for some time now, and a lot of consideration has been given as to how to build the new section of the island ring road, between the Adeje roundabout and Guia de Isora, which has to include a connection running down to Fonsalía to cope with the increased amount of commercial and tourist traffic the port will bring.

Coalición Canaria spokesperson for Guía de Isora council, Jesús Morales said the project represented a unique opportunity for economic development in the municipality and would be taking a great deal of ferry traffic from Los Cristianos.

Guia de Isora Mayor, Pedro Martín, said he was delighted by the economic boom the project would bring to the area but there were still many obstacles to overcome, such as how to access the tiny village of Fonsalía and the environmental concerns of the people living there. Consideration of the environmental impact on the area was a priority.

Los Cristianos bay will be bracing itself for the arrival of a fleet of bulldozers if the collective might of the authorities gets its way – and all the signs are that it will.

Last week Arona’s mayor, José Alberto González Reverón said: “The expropriation of property in this area and its subsequent demolition are necessary steps to total recuperation.”

It is no secret that the town council has been involved in many meetings with Costas and the regional government with a view to establishing the precise framework within which the restoration of the bay can be achieved.

The estimated budget for the compulsory purchase of affected properties is in the region of €35 million.

“We understand the position of the owners, but we are asking an effort to be made to transform Los Cristianos into a truly first class tourist destination,” said the mayor. “The compensation we will offer will be fair and dignified.”

The total number of doomed properties are “eight or nine”, he said, “although we recognize that some of the buildings contain many apartments in which case a large number of people will be affected.”

The plan is to give the land recovered over to public space and a promenade.

Migrant manThe boat was spotted yesterday off the coast of Punta de Rasca around mid-day with another 116 migrants on board. It was intercepted by the Guardia Civil patrol vessel, Rio Gallo, which escorted it into harbour.

It arrived a few hours later in Los Cristianos where the occupants were taken off to be looked after by the emergency services. Up to eight of the migrants are believed to be young boys.

The adults will be transferred to the holding centre at Hoya Fría outside Santa Cruz to await deportation back to their countries of origin.

Another boat carrying 56 sub-Saharan Africans arrived yesterday morning in El Hierro, bringing the total for the last 72 hours in the Canaries to over 200.