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These Lions have no time to laze around

Posted by dolly diver on October 31, 2008
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The Santiago del Teide Branch of Lions certainly have no time to laze around.


On 21st October a surprise phone call “Hi, I’d like to give you €500 for the Lions club”. It was John Sharples from the Comedy act ‘Bitter and Twisted’. “We need you to come and collect it”.


On 23rd October New member Sheila Lee Peg was badged up by President Mary Thomson at their club meeting this month.

lions-hand-over-cheque-to-mother-superiorOn 25th October the Club visited the Ladies handicapped centre in Santiago del Teide to hand over a cheque to Mother Superior. The money had been raised in the Lions Grand Summer raffle.

 	winners-the-yorkshire-puddingsThen on the 26th October it was time for the Lions and friends to let their hair down for a fun day with their annual treasure hunt where 6 teams battled it out for the Ralf Jennings memorial Trophy.
You can read the full stories of all events on the Lions web site

glam-slam…………and the work does not stop there. Make a note in your diaries Sat Nov 22nd. The day starts with their Christmas Fair at 12:30 where they join forces with other local charities. In the early part of the evening entertainment is being organised by the Carnival Commission. Then at 10pm – 2am the lions team up with Viana shows to bring you all an amazing variety of entertainment which will be taken live by the Power FM Road Show to all seven Islands.

Look out – Pardela chicks are crash landing

Posted by dolly diver on October 31, 2008
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It’s the time of year again when we all need to be on the lookout for the injured chicks of the Pardela Cenicienta, (Cory’s Shearwater in English).

These birds are protected in the Canary Islands and the Medio Ambiente will arrange to collect any injured bird which is reported to them. The birds will be cared for, and those which recover will be ringed and set free.

The cliffs of Los Gigantes are an ideal nesting place for these birds however, there are dangers too. These birds fly at night, you’ll probably not see them but we hear their calls. The fledgelings get confused by the street lighting when they fly over Los Gigantes and often crash land, stunning or injuring themselves . This leaves them prey for cats and dogs.

This is where you can help if you come across one. Carefully catch the bird and put it in a box, as they are usually stunned youngsters they can be caught fairly easily! (We had an amusing time last year when we found one in our swimming pool. It took two of us in the pool at midnight to catch it. Fortunetely it seemed to be only stunned).

Keep the bird in a dark place until morning, there is no need to attempt to give it food or water. Take it to the local police station where they will arrange for it to be picked up by the Medio Ambiente.

National Holiday – All Saints Day – Sat Nov 1st

Posted by dolly diver on October 31, 2008
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If you are thinking about going on a shopping spree tomorrow it may be a good idea to postpone it until next week.

Tomorrow, Saturday November 1st, is All Saints Day ( Todos Santos), a national holiday in Spain and the Canaries.

Catholics will celebrate by having a family gathering and a special evening meal. The afternoon may be spent putting flowers on the graves of loved ones.

Body discovered at Punta Blanca

Posted by dolly diver on October 31, 2008
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 	police-and-guardia-civil-at-punta-blancaAt 8am this morning residents in the El Varadero area were awakened by Police and Guardia Civil sirens. Cars and vans were rushing along the coastal road to Punta Blanca.

Early morning walkers had discovered a body in a wet suit on the rocks. The circumstances and identity of the body are not known yet.

Mt. Teide chosen for ESA’s Lunar Robotics Challenge

Posted by dolly diver on October 29, 2008
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lunar-roverThe Teide volcanic peak on the island of Tenerife acted as a mock-up of the Moon landscape last week, with eight European student teams tuning, testing and driving their lunar rovers in preparation for a robotics competition that took place during the dark nights of last weekend.

Roving on the Moon is not easy. Lunar robotic explorers have to travel in a vacuum, over rough and steep terrain covered by crust and dust. The Sun heats the rovers up to 110*C and, when driving into a shadow, the temperature can drop to -100*C, or almost -200*C in the polar regions. The rovers have to be remote-controlled or able to steer themselves autonomously, making manoeuvres and scientific research very difficult.

ESA’s Lunar Robotics Challenge for university students makes roving a little bit easier, as the conditions on Teide at an altitude of 2000 metres are much more comfortable for the drivers and rovers alike. The terrain is still difficult – comparable to that found at the lunar poles – and operating the robotic vehicle in the dark, freezing cold of night with only the aid of radio links, cameras and sensors is challenging.

The student teams were pushed to the limits by the weather – of a type that is definitely not found on the Moon, such as clouds and rain – but also by technical issues. Finally, only one of the eight teams, from the University of Bremen, managed to accomplish the mission and two other teams were near to mission success. Read more

Fun scrabble night – Nov 10th 2008

Posted by dolly diver on October 28, 2008
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So, if you think you can spell, why not prove it! Join us for our second annual event.

(Knockout Competition)

Monday, 10th November, 2008
The Chicken Shack
Puerto de Santiago

Commencing 6.45pm Prompt

Entry per person – including Buffet 25.00€

Buffet only 12.50€

All drinks purchased separately

Prizes for
Winner, Runner Up & Person with the Highest Individual Score for one word

For further information contact John Broadhurst on 922 850087. Or, due to the fact we are limited to 32 Players, why not purchase your entry ticket here and now at

The Chicken Shack

We will also be holding a Raffle for various prizes.

All proceeds will be used for the benefit of stray and abandoned animals within the Municipality of Santiago del Teide

Discount Fair in Puerto Santiago – Sunday 9th Nov.

Posted by dolly diver on October 27, 2008
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Discount Fair Puerto Santiago

Santiago del Teide Council has announced the dates of the third local Discount Fair.

It’s well worth raiding the piggy bank for this one, there’ll be bargains galore when craftsmen and retailers get together
on Sunday 9th November at the Plaza Puerto de Santiago.

The fair opens at 9.30 am and continues through the day until 6pm.

There will be around 40 stalls selling shoes, clothes, pastries, sportswear, and much more.

There’s fun for the kids too with face painting and a bouncy castle.

So get there early it’s a great opportunity to get in some early Christmas shopping.

Where have all the flowers gone?

Posted by dolly diver on October 27, 2008
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We recently met with local Councillor Steve and the Councillor for Tourism German (pronounced Herman) with regard to a future project. During the course of the meeting we discussed the general state of the area, and discussed some of the comments posted by users of forum. We were astounded by the answer, as are the Councillors themselves.

The state of the some of the local gardens is poor. The Council are aware of this, but they do have a limited budget, and every time they plant new flowers in Los Gigantes, particularly in the area of the central plaza by the church they are stolen!!!! This has happened a number of times, I have to say I almost could not believe my ears; this is crazy the Council are trying to make the village more beautiful and some Muppets are stealing the plants.

As a follow on to this we will run the story of the new Christmas planting of the gardens along with the budgets involved, Los will also photograph the newly planted gardens.

If you have any information as to where the plants have gone please let us or the council know.

Clocks go back 1 hour this weekend

Posted by dolly diver on October 25, 2008
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clockRemember to alter your clocks this weekend.  The hour goes back at 2am tomorrow morning 26th October.

Siam Park´s first surf clinic

Posted by dolly diver on October 24, 2008
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clayton at Siam Park

Clayton Mark Niennaber, South Africa national coach in France, Brasil and USA championships, give surf lessons for 20 surfers.

There was a surf session organised by Billabong and Siam Park on October 20th. Surfers who wanted to test the Clayton surf boards at Siam Beach received two 40 minute surf sessions of both left and right waves and surf lessons from Clayton Mark Niennaber, the 34 year old who helped 20 surfers from Tenerife develop their surf skills.

His innovative technique has influenced teaching methods, showing both basic and intermediate levels. Surfers took full advantage of every shape and form of the waves especially for the surf session.

The most up-to-date teaching techniques were used and the participants communicated constantly with the instructor by using a helmet equipped with speakers. This way the information given to the surfer by Clayton was immediate whilst the surfer is surfing, so they could correct positions and improve on the spot. Clayton believes in doing the basics well; show students how to read the wave and how the board works. He encourages correct body movement at the proper parts of the wave.

Siam Park produces 42 different types of waves, among them the highest man made wave in the world and available 365 days a year. The Wave Palace is also available for private hire by prior arrangement.

He said “I´ve surfed in a wave pool before in SA but this one was bigger and better. They are definitely getting it right. It was overhead and you could seriously smash the lip. As a training tool it is definitely invaluable, When can I go again?”