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Sports Centre – Los Gigantes, new restaurant now open.

Posted by dolly diver on June 30, 2008
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Tipsy Terrace Bar and Bistro officially opened yesterday. To celebrate the occasion there was entertainment by various well know singers in the village and a special menu prepared for the day.

For the next two weeks the new restaurant will only be open at lunchtime, but Sally aims to have the restaurant open in the evenings with the full evening menu available by mid July.

Northern train

Posted by dolly diver on June 30, 2008
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Busi­ness owners in Icod are gathering support from town councils throughout the north of Tenerife to push for a planned railway to reach the old commer­cial town.

The regional government are planning to build a railway connecting Santa Cruz to Adeje, which will improve travelling to and from the capital to the tourist resorts of the south. The rail link will reduce traffic and mod­ernise the island’s trans­port network. The lines will then be extended to reach Los Realejos.

A railway tunnel between La Orotava and Güímar is also in the advanced planning stage. Icod’s business as­sociation, Aspymecod, is playing the victimised card and suggests that by be­ing excluded they are being treated as second class.

For the future progress of Tenerife’s northwest it is concidered that their inclu­sion in the railway network as absolutely imperative.

No doubt the councils further to the north feel the same and with more reason. Icod at least has a major bus sta­tion which acts as a hub for connections to many of the neighbouring towns and surroundings, whilst other towns are lucky to see one bus an hour.

2 weddings, 1 passport and a funeral

Posted by dolly diver on June 27, 2008
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Many thousands of miles to travel, an out of date passport, a missed flight, a death in the family – yet it all came together at the last minute when Alison and Nigel tied the knot with friends and family of many nationalities as witnesses, in Los Gigantes Church.

It was always Alison’s dream to have a white wedding and to walk down the aisle with her father, and that dream came true earlier this month on June 14th.

Nigel and Alison have been an ‘item’ since 1999. They met in the 80’s at Warwick University while each was there with their brothers. Nigel’s brother was studying and Alison’s brother played volleyball.

Nigel works in Nottingham as an IT field engineering manager and Alison works 3 days a week, catering in her now retired fathers’ previous bar, the Queens Head in Meriden, as well as running her own beautician business mornings and evenings.  Read more

Volcanic tube opens to visitors

Posted by dolly diver on June 27, 2008
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Volcanic cave

Soon to open to the public in Icod de los Vinos is a section of the second largest volcanic tube in the world.

The Cueva del Viento is a volcanic tube system which consists of more than 18km of intersecting galleries unique in the world as they are laid in three floors superimposed over each other. Lakes, falls, terraces and walls of lava make up the largest underground labyrinth worldwide which have still not been fully investigated despite the almost 40 years of dedication by various teams of speleologists.

During the explorations of the cave system many fossils have been found of extinct animals and insects. The cave system takes its name from the strong currents of air that can be felt underground and an enormous amount of work has been done to make it accessible and safe to the public with maintaining its ecological integrity as a priority.

World environment day was chosen to announce the opening of the visitors centre and the restricted visit to the tunnel system although a fixed date has not yet been set.

Information panels are in Spanish and English and of special interest are the 170 insects which live in the caves of which 48 only live underground and 15 are new to science including two members of the coleopterous, Wolltinerfia martin and Woltinerfia Tenerife and an eyeless cockroach, Loboptera subterranea.

Heat alert issued by government

Posted by dolly diver on June 27, 2008
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The Canarian government has warned the public to expect sweltering heat in many parts of the islands today. The Canaries will feel the effects of a heat wave which affected many parts of southern Spain yesterday, with temperatures reaching 42ºC.

The heat is not expected to be as bad in the islands (34ºC maximum) but the combination of warm air and humidity as of mid-morning could make life uncomfortable in the capitals. Most of the islands have mobilised fire teams to deal with potential blazes in woodland and forests. The heat will last throughout the week-end, according to the Met Office.

Tenerife’s historic bull ring is under threat of being pulled down for a major redevelopment scheme.
The city council and the owners of the property have reached an agreement for the historic building and the surrounding land.

Architects have been invited to submit ideas for the regeneration scheme in the next few weeks and the entries will be on display July 4th, 5th and 6th in the García Sanabria Park.

Residents will be able to vote for their favourite idea and their opinion will be taken into account when the judges meet to choose the winning project. The final decision will be announced on the 7th July. The ring may be partially or totally demolished or the whole of the facade could remain, it depends entirely on the ingenuity of the architects.

The demolition is opposed by traditionalists who have already mobilised to block plans on websites if the structure is not retained.

The old famous bull ring hasn’t been used for its original purpose for decades. Latterly it hosted the Carnival Queen competition until audiences and the Queens’ dresses became too large and in the 90s it held only the occasional concert and political rally.

The rebirth of Masca

Posted by dolly diver on June 23, 2008
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Life may finally change, in the near future, for those who lost their homes in the devastating Masca fire, almost a year ago.

The whole area is protected, which means that to rebuild they have to conform to strict regulations to ensure the new buildings integrate into their surroundings. Therefore residents have another level of bureaucracy to deal with on top of the normal rubber stamping. Architects and draftsmen have at last finalised their plans, agreed with owners, and all permissions have been issued. It is still to be decided who will be given the contract to rebuild.

Some improvements have been granted within the plans.  Colin and Susana will have a water tank of their own, as well as a large tank for the whole village to prevent any further problems, as this is the second time the village has been damaged by forest fires.

Sadly, many hundreds of beehives, which were scattered over the areas, were burn out during the fires.  Apiarists have received some help from the central and regional governments, councils and their insurance companies, but so far the Cabildo has failed to respond to their plea.

The problem not just acquiring more hives and bees but the bees’ natural habitat has been destroyed. There is no pollen, therefore no food for them, and a problem has arisen by homeless bees swarming and trying to nest in local homes.

Bonfire night

Posted by dolly diver on June 23, 2008
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Tonight is St John’s Night, and the skies throughout Tenerife will be lit up in celebration with the annual bonfires.

It is expected that tens of thousands of people will light hundreds of fires across the Canaries, mainly on the beaches.

The Fire Brigade is on standby ready for its busiest night of the year to attending fires which go out of control and spread to nearby scrub land, although the cooler weather conditions today in several parts may help to reduce the problem.

Check your tax returns carefully

Posted by dolly diver on June 23, 2008
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The vast majority of preliminary tax returns contain errors which favour the Treasury. Taxpayers are urged to check their returns very carefully.

Gestha, an association representing Tax Office staff nationwide, says that almost 70 per cent of the pre-completed forms sent out to households by local branches have mistakes in the calculations, particularly in the allowances to which the recipients are entitled to offset their tax payable.

The new system, whereby the Tax Office fill in the forms directly using information supplied by employers and banks etc, is a huge success because it just takes a phone call or an Internet visit to confirm the end result and the rebate (in most cases) is automatically sent within a few weeks.

However, Gestha says people should check the figures carefully because many of the calculations underestimate the size of allowances. One of the main errors, concerns mortgage relief for houses purchased before 2006.

The allegations have been strenuously denied by the authorities, who say Gestha’s claims are grossly exaggerated.

UK’s Jamiroquai in Tenerife

Posted by dolly diver on June 22, 2008
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UK’s Jamiroquai started their world tour on Friday, 13th of June,  with a concert in Gran Canaria and in Tenerife’s Arona the following evening.

After a two years break the group celebrated a magnificent comeback to the stage to present their new CD. The stadium of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, attracting around 30,000 fans, while the stadium in Los Cristianos, Tenerife, seemed to take a while to fill up. Eventually there was a rapturous reception when the group’s lead singer, superstar Jay Kay finally arrived on stage at about 1.30 am.

While fans were waiting for Jay Kay and his band, Canary musician Aristides Moreno and the popular Spanish group El Canto de Loco, kept the audience well entertained, so much so that the appearance of Jamiroquai with Jay Kay performing as lively and funky as always was just another highlight of a fabulous evening.


Even though the stadium was only half full by midnight, there was a good atmosphere. Jamiroquai performed songs from their new album but also delighted fans with classics like Cosmic Girl or Deeper Underground. And despite rumours claiming the performer from Manchester was not going to wear anything on his head this time, Jay Kay appeared with his typical funky hat, looking as cool and sexy as he probably could.