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Press release from Siam Park – The Lost city

Posted by dolly diver on May 29, 2008
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Fun and adventures for the little ones.
Siam Park The Water Kingdom is full of rides and adventures for the whole family. The little ones will enjoy this unlimited fun play area designed specially for them. The lost City is an attraction consisting of a combination of multiple towers joined by bridges and nets, with waterfalls, slides and water games that make a real kid city where splashing and getting wet is simply a must. Kids and adults will become little adventure’s as they discover the secrets of the “Lost City” or get into a water gun fight. There’s a magic atmosphere running through waterfalls, fountains, water curtains and pools that are surrounded by lush vegetation to arouse children´s imagination.

The attraction’s design and its unique theme set it apart from any other in the world. Many sculptures inspired by oriental designs, mystical creatures, snakes, seahorses, elephants and monkeys, among others, have been used in its construction. Different materials and textures have been used with the intention of transporting children to the ancient Kingdom of Siam, in order to make their day at the park a full adventure. Up in the tallest tower of the lost city, the head of the monkey king, Hanuman, keep and eye on everyone to surprise whoever dare to discover him.

The Lost City includes a special place for the younger members of the family. Babies won´t have to look at the rest in envy, Siam Park has designed a special place for them, where they can safely enjoy slides and a pool in the company of their parents, brothers or sisters.

Security is Siam Park team’s first priority. The area will be under constant vigilance by lifeguards. The attraction will only have one entrance and exit point, allowing parents not to loose sight of their children. Water is renewed and filtered continuously to ensure it is fresh and pure. Slides will be restricted for kids over 1 m tall but all are welcome to splash to play to their hearts content.

Nudism ban on La Tejita beach ‘illegal’

Posted by dolly diver on May 29, 2008
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Granadilla council plans to ban nudism on one of Tenerife’s best-known nudist spots are being challenged by Spain’s biggest Nudism Association.

There have been rumours for weeks that the corporation is about to ban naked swimming and sunbathing on the beach at La Tejita (El Médano) due to complaints from families.


However, the proposal has hit trouble after the Association queried the right of local councils to ban something for which no legal prohibition exists at national level. Ismael Rodríguez, the Association’s head, said yesterday that councils ‘have no right to decide what people should or should not wear on beaches’ and it would file a legal challenge to any by-law passed.

Experts gather for renewable energies conference

Posted by dolly diver on May 29, 2008
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Dozens of experts from all over the world are in Tenerife for a 2-day conference which aims to explore market opportunities for renewable energies.

The conference was opened formally on Wednesday by the vice-president of the European Parliament and the president of the Tenerife Cabildo, which is co-hosting the event.

Delegates from countries as far apart as The Netherlands and New Zealand devoted the day to discussing the use of solar and win energy to mitigate climate change and combat the current oil price crisis.

Tenerife presented an innovative project to tap the island’s geothermal heat reserves thousands of metres underground to provide electricity for the island.

Source: news Canarias


Dia de Canarias ( Canarian Day)

Special celebrations for Canarian Day will be held in Alcala Plaza on Friday 30th May.

The fun starts at 10am – 6pm with a craft fair.

Then in the evening from 11pm there is a Canarian folk music competition and dancing.

Tomorrow evening (Thurs 29th May) in the plaza at Puerto Santiago is the election of the Romeria Queen, starting at 9.30pm.

This year’s six finalists, drawn from across the municipality, will be dressed in their traditional Canarian costumes. Our English (oops sorry, Scottish) host for the evening is Councillor Steven Gerald – McKenna.

There will be entertainment by the Municipal School of Folklore from Santiago del Teide, the Cultural Association ‘Magec’ as well as the group, Voces de Mujer.

The six finalists pictured below are, 1. Alexandra Débora Robinson, representing Puerto de Santiago, 2. Noelia Gil Linares, (Santiago town), 3. Melania Dorta Gorrín, (Valle Ariba), 4. Laura Troncatti Perez, (Arguayo), 5. Ithaisa Medina González, (Tamaimo) and 6. Elisabeth Sanchez Gorrín (Retamar).

After the new Romeria Queen has been elected, there will be dancing in the plaza to music by the Arguayo Band.

1. Alexandra Débora Robinson                                          2. Noelia Gil Linares

3. Melania Dorta Gorrín                                                         4. Laura Troncatti Perez

5. Ithaisa Medina González                                                 6. Elisabeth Sanchez Gorrín

Food handler’s course in Puerto Santiago

Posted by dolly diver on May 28, 2008
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Another basic food-handling health and safety course is being organised by Santiago del Teide council.

The course will be held at the sociodeportiva (social/sports room) in Paseo Agustín Herrera, Puerto de Santiago, next to the Chicken Shack, on June 10th and 11th, at 4pm – finishing at 7pm.

The six hour course is designed to give students a basic understanding of food hygiene and is very similar to the UK course. Holding the certificate is a requirement in law for anyone employed in the handling of food in bars and restaurants.

To enrol for the course contact the council offices in Santiago del Teide, or telephone 922863127 ext. 253.

Tenerife’s Tourist Board is capitalising on the popularity of Spanish tennis to advertise the island as a holiday destination.

The coverage by Spanish TV of the French Open at Roland Garros during the next two weeks is being sponsored heavily by the Tenerife Tourist Board, which features prominently in ads in commercial breaks.


The authorities are hoping Rafael Nadal, the biggest TV draw in tennis at present, makes it to his fourth Final in a row and thus ensure massive audiences for the advertising.

The sponsorship is part of a 4 million euro deal with TV to advertise Tenerife on Spanish screens during the coming months.

 On the 21st  May the Policiá Local were given practical and theoretical training on the correct use of Alcohol meters. The Guardia Civil trafic police from Santa Cruz gave the talk.
So be wary!

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World premiere at this year’s event from 23-29 June 2008 (press release from Tenerife Tourist Board)

Star guest at the second edition of Tenerife’s International Film Music Festival (Fimucité) taking place from 23-29 June is Spanish composer Fernando Velázquez, winner of the Spanish Music Awards best soundtrack of the year for the film The Orphanage (El Orfanato), following his nomination in the same category for Spain’s Goya Awards.

Velázquez, who hails from Vizcaya in northern Spain, will open the programme of concerts scheduled for Filmucité 2008 as conductor of the Tenerife Film Orchestra & Choir with the world premiere of his Symphonic Suite for The Orphanage, Spain’s biggest box office hit of 2007 and the European film which ranked fifth on the continent for the number of cinema goers it attracted.

This edition of the festival also pays tribute to the original soundtrack of one of the most important films in the history of movies: Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey to mark the 40th anniversary of its release. The closing concert will feature the Tenerife Film Orchestra & Choir playing a selection of musical scores by the composer Alex North, classed as a masterpiece nowadays despite being cut from Stanley Kubrick’s final version of the film.

The first edition of the Tenerife’s International Film Music Festival attracted composers of the stature of Don Davis (Matrix), Sean Callery (24), Mychael Danna (Monsoon Wedding), Ángel Illarramendi (Los Borgia) and Diego Navarro (Oscar a Surrealist Passion).

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Later this year a new high tech satellite system will be put into operation throughout the Canaries. The new system, know as the Seahorse Network, is able to track drug and people traffickers for several days before they come ashore.

The system will connect intelligence agencies in Portugal, Mauritania, Senegal and the Cape Verde Islands to the main headquarters in Las Palmas to monitor boat traffic along the coast of West Africa.

The system operates via SpainSat, (see pic right) a satellite owned and operated by Spain’s Ministry of Defence.

Seahorse network will gather information from the various intelligence agencies as well as making use of data obtained from the marine Automatic Identification System, AIS, which tracks every vessel over 500 tons in the Eastern Atlantic.