All the members of the various administrations insist that you gain much more than you lose by registering as a resident at your town hall.

For young mums and students, residents may have the right to grants for transport, school meals and materials. There is a wealth of free cultural and leisure activities for everybody such as theatre workshops, learning computer skills, excursions and holidays within the islands, within Spain and international at very cheap prices, celebra¬tions at Christmas and New Year, folklore classes, hiking and trekking, beach sports, yoga, golf, visits to spas, open air gym classes and Spanish classes.
Tenerife’s island council also has grants available and summer camps, here and abroad for your chil¬dren. They give out craft licences, hunting, fishing and camping permits and help to administer free public transport for those who are eligible.
The local social services department offer personal homecare for disabled peo¬ple or the elderly, tele-assist¬ance, help with paperwork and administration and there is also economic help available in special cases.
There website is, which has a selection of branch offices all over the island and a central phone line at 901 501 901 which operates 24 hours but is better 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday.