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An 88 year old man braves the “Tower of Power”

Posted by dolly diver on June 15, 2009
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On the 11th of June, Eduar Pommer from Cologne, Germany beat the record as the eldest person to ride the terrifying Tower of Power.

Eduard Pommer, an 88 year old man went down the incredible 28m high and 76m long slide. Riders can reach up to 50 km/h down the Tower of power giving you a 0 gravity sensation before you pass through the giant aquarium with tropical fishes and piranhas, ending in the reception pool within seconds.

Whoever dares to beat this record or is just after an adrenaline rush, the Tower of Power is this summer´s choice.

With a 28m fall this attraction is the tallest in Europe and could be enjoyed this summer

Full of adrenaline and excitement, Christoph Kiessling Director of Siam Park and his father, Wolfgang Kieslling President of Loro Parque experienced the most incredible sensation of the year and became the first to slide down Siam Park’s highest attraction, which will be opening its doors before this summer.

The Tower of Power will no doubt be the most thrilling attraction of all the water parks in the world. Those brave enough to enjoy this ride will first have to climb up the 256 stairs to reach the top. The start of the ride is almost vertical giving you a “free fall” sensation down the 28m slide from launch point to ground level.

This initiated the testing of all the rides in Europe’s biggest water park which adds a whole new dimension to the leisure offering in Tenerife and is a modern concept on the old fashioned water park.

The Tower of Power will no doubt establish itself as the main attraction for anyone looking for a real adrenaline rush. The ride can be experienced by all those over 1.45m and depending on your weight you can reach speeds of 40km an hour as you plunge down. The start of the ride is almost vertical and as you rush down the slide you move over a thin film of water giving you a sensation of “free fall”.

At the end of the 28m fall as you begin to brake you pass through the aquarium with more than 13,000 tropical fish which is a sight to behold, your journey ends as you plunge into a huge pool. For those who want to experience the adrenaline rush, The Tower of Power is the one for you this summer.