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Posted by dolly diver on November 1, 2009
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Tipsy Terrace Telegraph




Recent sightings of a dark object with florescent green hair and matching accessories have been confirmed to belong to that of the Wicked Witch of the West.

Suspicions, which were firstly reported in the Tipsy Terrace Telegraph on Thursday 22ns October, were put down to nothing more than rumors from a leaky cauldron. However, at approximately 2.30am Monday morning, residents surrounding Tipsy Terrace were all out on their terraces.

“We heard this almighty screech which we put down to a dreadful cat fight” said Barbara Meadows, Hibisco III.
“Roy did his best to calm me down but my nerves are still shattered, seeing the witch crash on court one lamppost this morning was a huge relief”.

Wanda, the oh-so-ugly but oh-so-friendly witch is relieved; she is now officially the only witch in the whole of Tenerife and will not be forced to leave Tipsy Terrace by the very jealous wicked witch. A huge relief to all.


Posted by dolly diver on October 24, 2009
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Tipsy Terrace Telegraph

Concerns are mounting following reports that a strange “Flash of Bright Green” has been spotted in the sky at various times of the day and night over the village of Los Gigantes and the surrounding areas.

Residents and holiday makers alike are toiled and troubled that the dark object with flourecent green hair and matching accessories could belong to that of a witch.

Neighbourhood watch in both Jazmin and Hibisco I and II first noticed the unusual object on Monday.

Experts suggest that the recent introduction of Halloween decorations at Tipsy Terrace Bar & Bistro have increased the curiosity of what could be the return of The Wicked Witch of the West.

Also, the arrival of Wanda the Witch; the oh-so-ugly but oh-so-very friendly new member of Team Tipsy, could have sparked deep rooted jealousy and drawn the bad witch closer to the village than ever known before.

The Policía Local have put this down to nothing more than rumours from a leaky couldron but Team Tipsy would be grateful if any further sightings could be reported to the bar as soon as possible.

Tipsy Terrace crazy golf opens again

Posted by dolly diver on August 12, 2009
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re-opening-of-crazy-golfToday saw the re opening of Tipsy Terrace Sports and garden crazy golf. The all new synthetic grass surfaces gives it a great new feel.

Sally and Sarah have been working feverishly with paint brushes in hand to give the course a makeover. Not without its setbacks, when the supplier of the new grass discovered that the shipment had gone astray. However, many frantic phone calls and overnight delivery ensured that it was open on time by councillor for tourism Germán Jiménez and Councillor Stephen Gerald.

crazy-golfIt’s not just crazy golf that Tipsy Terrace Sports and Garden centre have to offer, their tennis courts, pool, bar and restaurant are open 7 days a week.

Check out their special evenings and events on our “what’s on locally” page (make a note of Mon Aug 17th “A dash of ABBA”) or check out TipsyTerrace web site for more news and information about their facilities.

Fit Friends Club – Tipsy Terrace – every Tues

Posted by dolly diver on August 6, 2009
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 	tipsy-terraceFit Friends Club was started some years ago by Sally and Val Knibbs and members used to meet every Sunday morning. The club continues today but is now held every Tuesday morning at 10.30 at Tipsy Terrace under the Pergola.

Fit Friends Club is not only for people wishing to loose weight but is also for people who want to maintain their weight. It is all about healthy living but still being able to enjoying eating and drinking out.

Each member pays 1 euro each week and gets weighed, this is recorded on a card. They have a coffee and a general chat and there are numerous leaflets with very helpful tips about healthy eating. Some wonderful recipes are also available.

Due to the ideal location of Tipsy Terrace, with their pool and gardens, members are planning to re establish water aerobics.

During the summer Fit Friends members are very few but when the swallows return to Los Gigantes in Sept/Oct the numbers increase.

For more information contact Chrissie Swift on 922 861012 or 666513969.