SeahorsePhoto by Nev: Los Gigantes Diving Centre

FOR 18 months it has been a closely guarded secret. Seahorses, the exotic creatures from tropical waters, often found off the coast of Tenerife, are alive and well in the Thames estuary.

The Zoological Society of London discovered the colony in 2006 but decided to keep quiet until legislation could be put in place to protect the seahorses. They live in the river’s estuary, between Essex and Kent.

Scientists have greeted their arrival as an indicator of the increasing purity of the river’s water. Fifty years ago they declared the river biologically dead – killed by the pollution that was the product of industrialization and urban growth.

Almost 3 years ago one of our sister companies Ocean Eye were involved in the filming and tagging of this species of seahorses off the coast of Los Gigantes.

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