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Santiago Del Teide Town hall together with the Tourist Board of Tenerife and the Canarian Government are organising a Tapas competition in the Municipality of Santiago Del Teide 2008. This is the first time a competition of this type has been organised.

The Tapas route competition 2008 will start from 1st August until 10 august 2008.

Prizes will be presented to the best 3 entries:
First prize 300 Euros and a diploma
Second prize 200 Euros and a diploma
Third prize 100 Euros and a diploma

During the competition the business entering the Tapas route will:-
Be visited by the judges, and the public.
Each Tapa must not cost more than 2 Euros, the name of the Tapa must be displayed.

The Tapa will be judged on:
Quality of ingredientes
Quality of work involved

For a full list of entries issued by the tourist board

The results and winners will be announced on the 26th August 10.00 at a press meeting.


Tenerife’s Tourist Board is capitalising on the popularity of Spanish tennis to advertise the island as a holiday destination.

The coverage by Spanish TV of the French Open at Roland Garros during the next two weeks is being sponsored heavily by the Tenerife Tourist Board, which features prominently in ads in commercial breaks.


The authorities are hoping Rafael Nadal, the biggest TV draw in tennis at present, makes it to his fourth Final in a row and thus ensure massive audiences for the advertising.

The sponsorship is part of a 4 million euro deal with TV to advertise Tenerife on Spanish screens during the coming months.

Press release from Tenerife tourist board – Featuring a new set of proposals designed to maintain the island’s status as a leading holiday destination.

Tenerife has a well defined tourism strategy to be applied over the next eight years. Featuring an ample range of directives and actions, it aims to reactivate tourism on the island and combat the complex situation the holiday sector is currently facing as evidenced in last year’s figures. The new proposals focus on renovation in all aspects (resort areas, services on offer, means used for promotion and marketing and even management).

The Strategy was announced in public on 16th April at Tenerife’s Auditorium by the island’s councillor for Tourism and first junior chairman of the Tenerife Cabildo, José Manuel Bermúdez.
  Tenerife’s Tourism Strategy 2008-15, devised by the Cabildo through Turismo de Tenerife and with a significant level of participation by the sector, features 12 essential objectives. Of primary importance is the regeneration of resort areas with a view to guaranteeing their competitive edge, quality and sustainability. Secondly, there is a directive which focuses on specialisation, diversification and enriching the available services and holiday products, which is linked closely to the development of new products and upgrading existing ones.

The third main objective is to reach a balance between the investment made into attracting consolidated markets and the diversification of activities aimed at new outbound markets. The fourth goal refers specifically to highlighting differentiation and efficiency in promotions.

Other important aims outlined in the strategy include improving market accessibility to the Tenerife holiday product, boosting online promotion and marketing plus better management of the relationship between the client and the destination resulting in higher levels of satisfaction and, therefore, customer loyalty.

Tenerife’s remaining strategic objectives are to encourage levels of knowledge, information and research into the holiday industry, innovation at all levels of management and promotion and a renewed bid for cooperation and coordination. Finally Turismo de Tenerife has incorporated into its objectives the goal of strengthening social implication and links with the tourism sector and its activities as well as raising professional standards, qualification and training in the industry as a whole.

A complex, participatory professional procedure

In order to draw up the strategy designed by Turismo de Tenerife for the Cabildo, all the internal and external statistical information has been taken into account as well as any available studies. A working method was applied to this information involving an unprecedented level of social participation which incorporated trends deriving from a complex consultation process to include virtually the entire holiday industry plus a large group of professionals from a wide range of fields.

The eighth edition of the prestigious Tenerife Ladies Open (TLO 2008) takes place from 19-22 June 2008 at Costa Adeje golf course (pictured right). The event will attract 120 professional players including some of the top names in the world of ladies golf from Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, England, New Zealand, Australia and India.

The tournament, organised by Turismo de Tenerife, is part of the Ladies European Tour. Prize money this year amounts to over 40,000 euros.

Tenerife has hosted the Tenerife Ladies Open since 2002. It is a very important event for the island because, as well as being one of the major highlights on the women’s golfing calendar, it is also an excellent promotion for the island as the perfect place to play golf all year round.

Last year, the tournament proved to be an efficient promotional tool for marketing Tenerife’s attractions as a golf destination and its talent for hosting major sporting events.

The Tenerife Ladies Open 2007 was staged at Golf del Sur and the winner was Nikki Garrett.

Press release – Tenerife Tourist Board