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Posted by dolly diver on December 2, 2009
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In a surprising new development, the Mayor of Santiago del Teide has changed his statement regarding the warning tape on the beach at Los Gigantes.
Immediately after the tragic events of Sunday November 1st, Mayor Gorrín appeared adamant, in statements made to the media that the area where the massive rock fall occurred, had been cordoned off. Now, in testimony given at the official Guardia Civil enquiry, taking place at District Court Number Three, in Arona, Mayor Gorrín has done a complete about-turn.
Under questioning, Mayor Gorrín said that he does not know for certain if there was warning tape cordoning off the area, only that he was told so by the lifeguard on duty on that fateful day
The mayor said he had also been informed of the smaller rock fall, which took place on October 2, by the local chief of police. Gorrín said he was told that the area had, at that time, been provisionally cordoned off with plastic warning tape attached to steel poles.
Mayor Gorrín also told the court that at no time did the Department of Coasts, or experts from the municipal engineering department, recommend closing the beach prior to the accident.
According to the mayor`s testimony, he was advised by the councillor responsible three days later that a more permanent warning had been put in place.

It’s not just the sun and sea which take centre-stage when Tenerife promotes itself these days.
Sustainability, our green spaces, renewable energy, the island’s whales, festivals, its landscape and nature are all high on the list.

The point was demonstrated when executives from Thomas Cook and Neckermann (Germany), together with nearly 100 journalists, were invited on a hospitality trip to Tenerife.

The programme included a reception at the Hotel Iberostar Anthelia at Costa Adeje where the Tenerife Cabildo president Ricardo Melchior stressed the importance of sustainability.

There was much praise from the delegates for Tenerife’s hotels, leisure, maritime activities, green spaces, infrastructure and the ‘magnificent’ south airport.

They were personally shown many of the island’s top attractions, including the new Katandra Treetops free flight jungle aviary at Loro Parque and were also entertained to lunch at the Casa de los Vinos wine museum.

Delegates also went on a tour of the Institute of Renewable Energies at Granadilla under the huge wind turbines, as well as enjoying whale-watching trips, golf at Costa Adeje and hiking in the Mount Teide National Park. They were also treated to two theme suppers, one of them on a Carnival theme to show the colour and excitement of the annual event in Santa Cruz.

Changes in existing regulations will see a uniform application of (fixed) fines, regardless of which authority is imposing the sanction, and a 50 per cent reduction (as opposed to 30 per cent) in the event of prompt payment of said fines. Guardia Civil traffic officers will also carry a technology allowing drivers to pay on the spot fines by credit card if they so wish
From the beginning of 2010 the Spanish department of traffic will introduce new fixed distance speed traps, which are to be placed in traffic black spots throughout the country..
The new system works with two radars in place between two fixed points. The time it takes to travel from one spot to another is pre-determined, so any vehicle that does the distance in a shorter time, having exceeded the speed limit at some point in the journey, will be automatically sanctioned. The length of road will be between three and five kilometres and the special radar cameras will be able to record car registrations and the exact time of the incident with a high level of precision

The government have also just approved new points reductions (see chart on this page) as well as introducing higher fines for certain crimes – for instance possession of radar detection equipment which previously carried a fine of €150 could now see you €6,000 worse off.

Hang up
Mobiles as dangerous as drink driving

There will be a series of TV and radio ads as well as increased vigilance by police on roads throughout Spain designed to alert people to the dangers of talking on the phone while behind the wheel of a car.

According to the depart¬ment inappropriate use of your phone while driving increases by four the risk of an accident – similar to driving under the influence of alcohol. There is also, say the experts, a false perception that use of the hands free apparatus means there is no distraction – evidence shows that a driver involved in a conversation of over a minute and a half will have reduced levels of concentration. Studies show this could lead to a 40 per cent reduction in attention to road signs, speed drops by up to 12 per cent, the heart rate accelerates rapidly during the phone call and reaction times are slower, “behavioural traits that combined could lead to an accident”

New points reduction chart
The following are the new points reductions as passed recently by the Spanish government.

6 points
• Driving under the influence of alcohol: 50mg/l private drivers, +25mg/l professionals and drivers with less than two years experience
• Driving under the influence of drugs
• Refusing to take drink/drug test
• Driving carelessly, in the wrong direction, taking part in illegal road races/competitions
• Using or carrying instruments that would inhibit traffic officers, such as radar inhibitors
• Exceeding commercial transport driving time by over 50 per cent/resting for less than 50 per cent of established time
• Manipulation/participation in the manipulation of a tachograph

4 points
• Driving under the influence of alcohol: 25mg/l – 50mg/l private drivers, 15mg/l – 30mg/l professionals and drivers with less than two years experience
• Driving with a licence inappropriate for the vehicle
• Throwing onto the road objects with could ignite a fire, cause traffic accidents, impede free circulation of traffic
• Ignore give way or stop signs or traffic light signals
• Ignore norms regarding overtaking on roads thus placing other drivers in danger, overtaking where there is reduced visibility
• Endangering/hindering cyclists during overtaking
• Reversing on a motorway
• Ignoring a traffic officer’s instructions/signals
• Failure to leave appropriate braking distance between you and the vehicle in front
• Driving on motorways in vehicles that are not licenced for these roads
• Driving a car exceeding by more than 50 per cent the allowed number of passengers, except for buses in urban/inter-urban areas

3 points
• Wearing headgear/headphone while driving or using a hand held mobile phone, navigator or other medium of communication. (This list may be updated in line with technological advances)
• Failure to wear seatbelt, use child seats or other protective apparatus where appropriate
• Making illegal u-turns; Failure to comply with mandatory traffic signs at junctions/u-turn points
• Driving a vehicle that is not licenced to be on the road/that you are not permitted to drive

2 points
• Stopping or parking on bends, in tunnels, intersections or other dangerous areas which would cause a risk to the flow of traffic and pedestrians
• Stopping or parking in zones designated for public transport
• Driving without lights when it is obligatory or failure to use lights in accordance with regulations
• Driving a motorbike/scooter with passengers under 12 years of age (some exceptions apply)
• Driving in a negligent manner, creating risks for other road users
• Speeding. The amount of points to be deducted depends on the speed limits exceeded and by how much

Siam Park is extending its opening hours.

Posted by dolly diver on April 27, 2009
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 	mai-thai-river-tubeAs from the 30th of March Siam Park will be open from 10:00 to 18:00 daily. With the arrival of spring you can now enjoy an extra hour of sunshine and therefore Siam Park is offering all their customers more time to have fun in the best water attractions in the World or relax on the white sandy beach. This way the company continues to offer its best service to all its visitors.

Siam Park has reached its sixth month of being open. During this time the park has received many visitors and journalist from all over the world that have helped to promote Tenerife as the number one leisure destination in Europe offering world class attractions with Loro Parque, Teide and the newly opened Siam Park. The company is immersed in the summer activity program that will bring oriental magic, emotions, adrenaline and love for nature to all.

More information at Siam Park

Disney on Ice returns to Tenerife

Posted by dolly diver on February 17, 2009
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disney on ice princessesAfter huge success in Europe, Disney’s most memorable princesses will be appearing together at the Santiago Martín Sports Centre in La Laguna, when an international troupe of figure skaters take on the fairytale characters to perform the Disney on Ice spectacular show “Princesses”.

The show, sponsored by the Canary Island government and La Laguna city hall, takes place 17th – 21st April 2009.

Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Mulan and Snow White all make an appearance.
The ice spectacular is a journey around the world, with the ice being transformed into seven enchanted lands including a jeweled three-storey revolving castle, an undersea kingdom, a luxurious ballroom and an Arabian palace, far-off lands and magical kingdoms.

Of course with every princess there has to be a prince (or a good guy at least!) Co-stars include Aladdin and the Genie, the Beast, Sebastian, the Seven Dwarfs and, of course, Prince Charming.

Disney on Ice princessesMore than 60 Disney characters will be brought to life throughout the production – which promises lavish costumes, stunning scenery and spectacular skating.

An international troupe of award-winning figure skaters will be performing the unique formations.
The skaters will be adding samba flair with Latin numbers, daring pair performances and the elegant ice dancers will be bringing an element of romance to the show.

Dates are;
Friday 17th April at 18,00h.
Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th at 12,00 noon/16,00h & 19,30h;
Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st at 20,30h

Tickets are now on sale in El Corte Inglés and prices start from €18 depending on seat placement.

Tenerife at your feet

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 	hikingAn outdoor activity company El Cardon, based in Buenavista del Norte, are offering a wide range of themed hiking routes, as well as several other activities in the best natural areas of Tenerife. The walks are specifically aimed at tourists. The company have been established for 10 years and their professional guides, environmental educators, will enhance the walks by telling you about the history, nature etc.

Some of their activities are:-
The laurel forests every Tuesday in the Monte de Agua.
El Teide is on the first Saturday of the month.
Masca ravine on the second Saturday of the month.
Caving in the world famous San Marco cave on the third Saturday of the month.
kayaking off Punta de Teno on the fourth Saturday of each month.

Check out their web site (it’s in English)

Tel. 922 127 938 or email

 	playa-arena-beachThere is hope that the economic crisis might not affect Tenerife tourism as much as was originally feared.

A report announced by the Association of British Travel Agents suggests that despite the doom and gloom of this financial crisis more than two-thirds of consumers are adamant they will have their annual holiday.

In a Holiday Value Report 68 % of people questioned intended to spend the same as last year or possibly increase their budget. The report also predicts that a single person will spend an average of £632 and a family of four £2,500. 37% said a holiday was the most important annual purchase – more important than a new car.

Between 24th December 2008 and 5th January 2009 2,447 adults took part in the poll.

Low cost Monarch flights to Tenerife

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As a result of demand from customers for summer 2009 Monarch is to increase its low fare schedule of flights from May 1st to Tenerife.

Flights will be available from Manchester to Tenerife. The airline is offering extra low fare seats, and you can book on line via from as little as £52.99 one way, including all taxes, charges and web booking discount.

Commenting on the additional services, managing director of Monarch’s scheduled service division, Liz Savage said “We have already seen strong demand for our Summer 2009 services, and particularly the Spanish Islands which have been left underserved by the failure and withdrawal of a number of airlines during 2008.

A wild,wet day at Siam Park

Posted by dolly diver on September 29, 2008
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Click on video player for a short film of the day (to activate player click on wild, wet day at Siam park)

(Photos are stills from footage – click on pic to enlarge)

Siam Park dragon

Siam Park, the biggest new tourist attraction on Tenerife for years, was finally opened earlier this month after overcoming huge hurdles, missed deadlines and disappointing delays. The opening night, earlier this month could not be missed. So armed with our many bags of camera equipment we collected the press passes and enjoyed the evening. (see original news story here)

On commenting to the staff of the park that by filming late in the day when light levels were low we couldn’t capture the true atmosphere the thrill of the place. So the team collected passes once again to spend a fun day out at the park.

All the rides in the park are fully open. Our aim was to get work out of the way first so we could then try the rides out for ourselves. Trying to get the crew to concentrate was our first slight snag – they wanted to go to play, but threats of lunch only when filming finished soon whipped them into action. DaRKeTaMiN needed no encouragement to get his clothes off and get into action along with the rest of our thrill seeking guinea pigs, Sam, Danny and Guacci. Read more

Siam Park now open

Posted by dolly diver on September 16, 2008
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Siam Park Was it worth the wait, I asked myself, as we collected our press passes on Monday evening (15th Sept 2008) for the opening of the long awaited Siam Park, the biggest water kingdom in Europe.

There have been lengthy technical delays  which prevented  the park opening earlier this year, but these delays have allowed the vegetation to flourish. 8,500 palm trees have been planted on the previously barren hillside, as well as many exotic plants and cacti.  They are all irrigated by the same desalinated sea water that is used on the slides to avoid depleting the island’s precious reservoirs. The park covers 185,000 square metre and has been under construction for 6 years.

The ribbon was cut by the Princess of Thailand, Maha Chakri Sirindhorn in front of 2000 guests and 180 journalists. We surged through the gate with the flow and stood in awe at the sight before us. The park, a recreation of the old Kingdom of Siam, is absolutely stunning.

There are many  rides, which will appeal to the youngsters who enjoy wild wet fun, and once exhausted there’s the world’s longest Lazy River to relax on.  For the under 10′s there’s a whole Lost City, (pic above) and to complete the park they’ve constructed a long white beach overlooking a surf school where enthusiasts can practice their skills on 3m-high artificial waves. The pièce de résistance, clearly, is the Tower of Power. The only ride you do bareback,(photo below) ie without using an inflatable tube, it drops you 28m down a near-vertical slide, then shoots you through an enclosed pipe in a tank filled with alligators and piranah fish! (Not sure I’m game for that one, but the lazy river sounds good) To our amusement a group of local youngsters had been invited in to try some of the rides for the cameras. They showed off with shrieks and screams as they threw themselves down the slides. Tower of Power

The park is open from 10 am to 6 pm daily. Entrance fee is €28 for adults and €18 for children aged 3 to 11. Residents discounts adults €25 and children €16. There is a special Twin Ticket to cover Loro Parque and Siam Park, this is €49 for adults (€39 residents) and €33 € for kids (€25 residents) , if you book on line its €46 for adults, and €31 for kids.

More photos of the opening night view picture galleries.

To watch the video of the opening night – click video “Siam Park Opening Night” on  Video player

The team will visit the park very soon to test out the rides. DaRKeTaMiN, our web master has volunteered to try out the Tower of Power!!!! so watch this space for another story and more video footage.