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Personal Tax declarations due again.

Posted by dolly diver on May 3, 2008
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It’s personal tax declaration time once again. The deadline to submit your tax returns.
is June 30th.

According to the tax authorities over 800,000 new taxpayers have been added to the list this year, an increase of 5% on last year. This means the tax authorities will be able to collect an extra €225 million in tax payments.

However, they will be paying out a rebate to a staggering 14 million tax payers. See previous report  24th April 2008.

Details have been released by the Government to honour an election promise which gives a €400 tax rebate to every tax payer in Spain.

The plan will give a financial boost to families struggling with higher mortgage payments as well as the ever increasing cost of living.

Tax payers, pensioners and employees, will pay €200 less in July and over the following 6 months will receive the remaining €200 in monthly payments.

People who do not earn enough to pay tax will receive the sum as a credit.

Self employed people will receive the rebate over 3 instalments. A €200 reduction in their retentions in July, plus 2 €100 payments, one in October the second in December.