Reina Sofia Airport TenerifeThis morning started exactly as normal. Get up, switch on Sky news see what’s happening in the world over a cup of coffee. I watched in amazement and incredulity at the demise of XL airlines. All those poor stranded people, all those poor people out of work. Have breakfast, leave house, 10 mins later the mobile rings.

In one of our other guises we are Dragonfire TV and the trusted supplier of stories for the award winning Sky news team. The call was from Sky news UK, could we get any footage of stranded people at the airport. Absolutely, we’ll go to the airport now and see what we can do but normally the airport police are not happy with anyone filming inside the airport. When we arrive at the airport a most peculiar scene greeted us within the airport building.

 	reina-sofia-airport-2Instead of huge queues at the check in desks there were huge queues at the airport flight supplier’s offices. One quick question “are any of you affected by the XL collapse and would any of you like to speak to Sky News”. We were almost mobbed with volunteers.

As for the airport authorities they obviously decided there was no point in trying to take on the dozen or more TV crews doing interviews and gathering images for their relevant news programs. Within a matter of minutes we had some 10 or more interviews done with all of the other necessary views to go with them. A further phone call to the UK, then a trip to the transmission point elsewhere on the Island which allowed the images to be transmitted back to the UK to be edited ready or the 3pm news.

Link to video  Sky news click XL holidaymakers stranded

And now…back to the plan for the day are they behaving themselves on the forum!