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Sponsored Walk – Sunday 7th March

Posted by dolly diver on March 4, 2010
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Sponsored Fun Walk

Posted by dolly diver on March 11, 2009
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Sponsored Fun Walk

Asociacíon de San Francisco de los Animales

With or without dogs – Suitable for all ages


15th March, 2009


9.30 a.m. at the Gran Melia Palacio De Isora
(new hotel in Alcalá)


Pilgrims Bar in Playa de la Arena

For further information & sponsorship forms
Contact Allison on 617697761

Sponsorship forms also available at
Simple Simons & Ocean Drive in Los Gigantes and the Custom Built Computers/ office in El Varadero.

Sandwiches for walkers kindly sponsored by
Pilgrims Bar

All monies raised will be used for the benefit of stray & abandoned animals within the
Municipality of Santiago del Teide

Associacion San Fransisco de los animales – Sponsored gallop!

Posted by dolly diver on June 16, 2008
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Read the full story on their web site – news and events blog.

Many of you will have seen me, Beauty manning my post from Monday to Friday outside the office in El Varadero. The highlight of my day is to mug (with big brown pleading eyes and a hopeful wag of the tail) the ladies (well anyone actually) returning from the supermarket with their shopping. Now this week as well as mugging them for the odd nice tit bit I’ve been mugging them for money too – sponsorship for the Associacion de San Francisco de Los Animales walk, which is taking place on Sunday 15th June from the new hotel in Alcala to Pilgrims Bar in Playa Arena.

I was a rescue dog myself. I was roaming in the Punta Blanca area and was very ill, although I didn’t look it. To cut a long story short I was taken in by Paul, (my human) even though he did send me to the kennels first, for which I have forgiven him. I was nursed back to health and I am told that I have a lovely nature, (no biting the hand that feeds here, unless it is due to over enthusiastic munching of a tit bit, oops sorry). I won the obedience award several times in the local dog show (well it was easy really, I just wanted to please Paul).

Many of you will have seen me pulling the Santa’s sledge on the Lion’s annual Carol Singing events around Los Gigantes. However, last year at the age of 13yrs Paul thought I should retire from this duty, the back legs are beginning to give me a bit of trouble, I do have some lumps and bumps now but my hero took me to the vets (that’s the Human with the stick thing he sticks under your tail, well I can’t mention the details, ladies don’t speak of such things), and he says to leave the lumps alone.

On Sunday I am coming out of retirement to raise funds for all those cats and dogs less fortunate than me. Already I have raised €135 and still have 4 days to go. So if you are passing through El Varadero please call in and put some money in my jar. (if you don’t know exactly where I am tel: 922 862713