santiago-beach-apts-puerto-santiagoAt 6.30 am on Thursday morning, 2nd Oct, the peaceful neighbourhood of Puerto Santiago was woken by sirens from police cars and fire engines.

Residents of the 50 apartments in the  Santiago Beach Apartment complex, opposite the harbour and beach in Puerto Santiago,  suddenly found themselves being evacuated from the building.

apartment-fire-santiago-beachDuring the evacuation the police noticed a man with blood on his hands and he was taken to one side to be questioned.

The 32yr old man, with the initials, F.J.P.H, admitted setting fire to his second floor apartment because he was paraniod he would be attacked and stabbed while he slept by his enemies. There had been several recent arguments which had resulted in the police being called.

He was arrested, handcuffed and transported to the Guardia Civil station in Playa San Juan, via the medical centre in Alcalá for treatment to his injuries.