Tomorrow evening (Thurs 29th May) in the plaza at Puerto Santiago is the election of the Romeria Queen, starting at 9.30pm.

This year’s six finalists, drawn from across the municipality, will be dressed in their traditional Canarian costumes. Our English (oops sorry, Scottish) host for the evening is Councillor Steven Gerald – McKenna.

There will be entertainment by the Municipal School of Folklore from Santiago del Teide, the Cultural Association ‘Magec’ as well as the group, Voces de Mujer.

The six finalists pictured below are, 1. Alexandra Débora Robinson, representing Puerto de Santiago, 2. Noelia Gil Linares, (Santiago town), 3. Melania Dorta Gorrín, (Valle Ariba), 4. Laura Troncatti Perez, (Arguayo), 5. Ithaisa Medina González, (Tamaimo) and 6. Elisabeth Sanchez Gorrín (Retamar).

After the new Romeria Queen has been elected, there will be dancing in the plaza to music by the Arguayo Band.

1. Alexandra Débora Robinson                                          2. Noelia Gil Linares

3. Melania Dorta Gorrín                                                         4. Laura Troncatti Perez

5. Ithaisa Medina González                                                 6. Elisabeth Sanchez Gorrín