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Bargains galore and fun for the kids too

Posted by dolly diver on November 10, 2008
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There were bargains galore and fun for the kids too at the 3rd Santiago Del Teide Trade Fair. This event was held in the plaza at Puerto Santiago on Sunday 9th November.
Forty stalls were originally planned for by the Council but demand was so high an extra ten were supplied for local traders. Those who waited until the last minute to book a stall were disappointed.

 	bouncy-castle-trade-fair-puerto-santiago  	childrens-play-area-at-puerto-santiago-trade-fair
 	mini-gym-trade-faior-puerto-santiago  	trade-fair-puerto-santiago

Discount Fair in Puerto Santiago – Sunday 9th Nov.

Posted by dolly diver on October 27, 2008
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Discount Fair Puerto Santiago

Santiago del Teide Council has announced the dates of the third local Discount Fair.

It’s well worth raiding the piggy bank for this one, there’ll be bargains galore when craftsmen and retailers get together
on Sunday 9th November at the Plaza Puerto de Santiago.

The fair opens at 9.30 am and continues through the day until 6pm.

There will be around 40 stalls selling shoes, clothes, pastries, sportswear, and much more.

There’s fun for the kids too with face painting and a bouncy castle.

So get there early it’s a great opportunity to get in some early Christmas shopping.

Apartment Fire in Puerto Santiago

Posted by dolly diver on October 5, 2008
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santiago-beach-apts-puerto-santiagoAt 6.30 am on Thursday morning, 2nd Oct, the peaceful neighbourhood of Puerto Santiago was woken by sirens from police cars and fire engines.

Residents of the 50 apartments in the  Santiago Beach Apartment complex, opposite the harbour and beach in Puerto Santiago,  suddenly found themselves being evacuated from the building.

apartment-fire-santiago-beachDuring the evacuation the police noticed a man with blood on his hands and he was taken to one side to be questioned.

The 32yr old man, with the initials, F.J.P.H, admitted setting fire to his second floor apartment because he was paraniod he would be attacked and stabbed while he slept by his enemies. There had been several recent arguments which had resulted in the police being called.

He was arrested, handcuffed and transported to the Guardia Civil station in Playa San Juan, via the medical centre in Alcalá for treatment to his injuries.

 	folklore-group-los-gigantesThe Department of Tourism of Santiago del Teide, together with the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife and the Department of Culture organized a series of events over the weekend to celebrate Dia del Tourista – Tourists Day, which were enjoyed by both tourists and residents.

 	folklore-groupThe activities began with a show of Canarian products. Then later in the day Canarian folklore groups “Tayme” and “Breezes of Arguayo” entertained guests of hotels and apartments as they toured the streets from Playa Arena to Los Gigantes.

 	old-dogs-new-tricksThe main event was held last Saturday evening in the Plaza, Los Gigantes. The night started with a show of local products, and then the audience was entertained with performances from several Canarian folklore groups.

The evening ended with many lively songs from “Dogs Old New Tricks” who very quickly had the majority of the audience on their feet dancing.

Youth arrested in Puerto Santiago

Posted by dolly diver on September 11, 2008
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This morning, 11th September, at around 04.30 the security guards of Tamaimo Tropical hotel on the coast of Puerto Santiago called the Local Police of Santiago del Teide to arrest a youth who was caught breaking into hotel rooms.

The 21 year old youth, of Spanish nationality, with the initials H.D.A.G had forced entry into several rooms causing damage.

The youth resisted arrest, which caused more damage to the hotel furnishings. Once handcuffed and searched police found a large knife in his possession. A woman’s handbag, a wallet and several other personal items, which police believe came from the rooms in the hotel, were found in the corridor.

Once detained the youth, who has a criminal record of assaults, forced entries and other similar crimes, was taken to Local Police Headquarters to give a statement and was then transferred to the Guardia Civil in San Juan, to await his court case.

“Hi Sheila”, It was Councillor Steve Gerald’s voice on the phone, “Coastal clean up on Sat 9th Aug, can you put it on your news, we need volunteers………………and you’re taking part too – aren’t you”?

“Oh er um – yes, I think I’m free”. It was a 9am start – hate getting up that early on a Saturday but it was a worthwhile cause and it’s always a good story for this news blog, so a note was made in the diary.

A few days before the event I received another call. “Can you help out at the dive centre we’re busy and could do with an extra pair of hand for a few days”?

I was there in a shot, any excuse to get me out of the office and go diving for a while. DaRKeTaMiN, webmaster, volunteered to answer the phones and keep things ticking over for a few days.

Now there was a problem how could I take part in the clean up as well as take people diving. Talking it through with instructor Andy we came up with a brilliant idea – we would all take part in the clean up. There was a beach we passed regularly which was covered in rubbish, it didn’t look nice, and there was also one of our popular dive sites which needed a good tidy up too. How to get volunteers? – you offer them a free dive. In a few minutes we had a full boat of volunteers. So it was a call to Steve to let him know.

pedaloSo on the day it was the usual 9.30 kit up for a 10am start. Our 1st job was to clean beach at Octopus Cove (called Echo bay by tourist boats) the rubbish included the top half of a pedalo, which had been washed up there about 2 years ago. The sea had been very flat and calm for the past few days but on this particular morning wave action made it difficult to get on and off beach and it was also difficult for the dive boat to stay in close. Rubbish consisted of shoes, fish boxes, the pedalo, and a huge length of rope easily 3 inches in diameter (very heavy), many bottle, cans and cartons, which filled 4 large bin liners.pedalo-on-board

Next stop was to drop of rubbish of in Puerto Santiago. This proved difficult as wave action prevented us from going against the harbour wall and everything had to be swum to the steps. The local firemen were taking part in the clean up too and were waiting for us. swimming-rubbish-ashore-in-puerto-santiago We did get some odd looks from them as we pulled in with the pedalo balanced on top of dive gear. At this point the harbour crane developed electrical difficulties but after much twiddling and banging they eventually got it working and lifted the pedalo from the water. Our next planned destination was dive site Punta Barbero – the rocky point off Playa Arena beach – a lovely dive site, but spoilt by rubbish. It has been cleaned up by us in the past so the opportunity for another clean up was taken.


Divers spent approximately 45 minutes in the water and once more many bottles, cans and cartons, as well as an old tyre were collected. A large item we wanted to move was a supermarket trolley which was tangled up in an old fish trap. It was sent to the surface on a lifting bag but was too heavy to safely bring on board, it had very sharp, rusty edges. It was decided that it was too risky to try to tow it back to Puerto Santiago harbour in the swell, so we towed it further out to sea and cut it loose. How a supermarket trolley got there in the first place is beyond me!

customers-and-staff-of-los-gigantes-diving-centreThe decision was then made not to go back into Puerto Santiago because of the swell so we went back to Los Gigantes marina and disposed of the rubbish in the bins provided by the marina.

Thirty other volunteers including the Surf Club Punta Blanca and the volunteer Firemen took part in the beach cleanup of Crab Island and the beaches at Puerto de Santiago and Playa Arena. A total of almost 500kg was collected.

The event ended with paella at Puerto Santiago square for the volunteers, sadly Andy and I had to miss out because we had to get back to work!

A good day was had by all.

Notary office opens in Puerto Santiago

Posted by dolly diver on July 31, 2008
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Santiago Del Teide now have a Notary office in the Municipio.

The new office opened its doors on 21st July 2008. Address is Avenida Maritima number 25, Edificio La Mar, Local 40 Puerto De Santiago.

Hours : Monday to Friday, 9.00am till 3.00pm.

One licence, two bars!

Posted by dolly diver on July 10, 2008
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During a routine inspection Santiago del Teide police discovered that two bars, one in Playa Arena and the other in Centro Comercial Tenir in Puerto Santiago, were operating under the same opening licence.

The bar owners are identified only by their initials, O.G.M. and D.G.M. and are brother and sister. The original licence applies to the bar in Playa de la Arena.

The two licences have been forwarded to the judicial authorities, as there was no clerical error in the municipal records.

Lions presidents night is the night when we celebrate the start of a new lion year and traditionally the president officially hands over power to a new president who has been elected by the club in a democratic (no arm twisting, vote rigging or opposition killing allowed) election.

This year was no exception, the main difference being that our current president was unanimously voted back for a second year in office.

Lion of the year jon-thornleyMary Thompson is now going into her second year as Lion President and her speech was short and to the point. Mary also, as is traditional, handed out a number of awards. The Lion of the Year award this year went to Club Secretary Jon Thornley. (pic right) and appreciation awards went to Ken Ward, Sheila Widdrington and Richard Dobinson.

Then night was held at El Marques in Puerto Santiago and what a fantastic night, the food was a sumptuous buffet, the staff were helpful and polite, José the head waiter was only too happy to help with last minute seating plan changes.

steve-delseyThe entertainment was superb, Rick Porter had one of the hardest jobs of the night providing the pre-dinner and background music for the evening, he was followed by Steve Delsey (left) a very funny man who had the audience laughing with some very quick humor, and then just to show his talent more he finished his show with an operatic song Nessun Dorma, which had the audience on there feet in appreciation.


Next Rick was back with some dance songs to get the dinner worked down, then a special surprise Tuxedo Nights(right), a close harmony singing trio, Tom Bell, Eddie Hastings and guess who, yep the one and only Rick Porter, had every one up and dancing, and brought the night to a fantastic close.

For more information on the Lions Clubs International Santiago del Teide branch and what they do visit their web site

Photos of the evening are posted in our picture galleries

There is a painting exhibition in the Fisherman´s Museum, Puerto Santiago, this Friday 6th of June 2008.

It is titled “Trópico de Gémenis” by the group of Contempory art Entropía Málaga.

There will be music from the pianist Juan Carlos Pérez.

Present will Mayor Gorin, María Candelaria Pérez García, Councillor for culture, Francisco Morales and all the cast artists.

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