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Improvements continue in Playa Arena and Puerto Santiago

Posted by dolly diver on September 26, 2009
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Santiago del Teide Council continue the work of renewing the pavements of Avenida Maritima in Playa Arena and Puerto Santiago.

The cost is covered by the Local Investment Fund with a budget of of EUR 274,236.13.

The works began with the digging up of the pavements and curbs. A new type of material will be used for the replacement, natural stone, red porphyry, and new enclosures with better drainage will be built for all the trees.

The work will take four months employing seven people.

Face lift for La Vigilia in Puerto Santiago

Posted by dolly diver on August 6, 2009
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 	la-consejera-junto-al-primer-teniente-de-alcalde-en-la-zona-de-la-vigiliaThe popular square and children’s play area of La Vigilia in Puerto Santiago is to get a facelift.

Counsellor in Landscape and Urban Environment, Coromoto Yanes, accompanied by First Deputy Mayor Oscar Tomás Pérez Rodriguez, recently visited the area to assess the work need which will include and new play area for the children

The council wants to continue improving the infrastructure in every corner of the municipality and improve the areas that house large families who enjoy this type of facility.

 	swimming-competitionThe 14th annual swimming race from Playa De La Arena beach to Puerto de Santiago beach takes place on July 12th at 10am. The distance is aprox 950 mts.

If you would like to participate then call 922 868108 or 922 868041 between 08:00 to 15:00 hours, for more information.

New park in Puerto de Santiago

Posted by dolly diver on June 11, 2009
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The new park in Puerto de Santiago was officially opened on Wed 3rd June. It was built by the company Edustro SA, and is situated very close to the recently opened Hotel Costa Los Gigantes.

Present at the opening ceremony were the Mayor, Juan Damián Gorrín Ramos, manager of the company Edustro SA, Juan Vázquez, several councillors and locals of the area.

The new park, which is gardens, walkways and a children’s playground, covers a total of 12,000 square meters, which is the largest green area of the municipality.

The plot adjacent to the park, which has a total area of 5,000 square meters, is the site which is planned for the future cultural center of Puerto de Santiago.

Lago Santiago work still delayed

Posted by dolly diver on April 29, 2009
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Lago SantiagoThe Department of Coasts in Madrid have been blamed by local authorities for the never ending delays on the construction of the Lago Santiago complex on the seafront in Puerto Santiago which urgently needs a massive tidy up.

José Manuel Bermúdez the Cabildo vice-president has recently visited the area to view and discuss the progress on infrastructure projects with the town hall.

The bulldozers were sent in to begin the work but then they were stopped after plans were changed. Currently 14 improvement projects are in the planning stages for Puerto Santiago, including resurfacing the roads and laying new pavements.

Gang of pickpocket arrested

Posted by dolly diver on February 24, 2009
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 	fisher-womans-roundabout-puerto-santiagoPuerto Santigo is normally a quiet place on a Sunday afternoon, but last Sunday was rather different when a gang of seven Romanians were arrested and were all lined up around the fisherlady roundabout. Rumors quickly flew round, drugs bust, bank robbery, but in fact it was a gang of pickpockets who were arrested.

The culprits, all aged between 30 and 50 have been identified only by their initials, R.M., C.F.R., M.I., L.A., T.S and V.D and a woman, L.R.

After the police had received several reports from the public about purse and wallet thefts, a surveillance operation in the area followed. The gang were soon located and were watched through binoculars.

They arrived by hire car, met in a local cafe to select their targets. The victims were often tourists waiting at the bus stop by the sports centre in Los Gigantes. They would be distracted by one gang member with a map asking directions while another picked their pocket or handbag. A hire car would be parked nearby for a quick getaway.

What this gang failed to realise is there is only one way out of Los Gigantes and the local police backed up by the Guardia Civil arrested them at a road block on the exit road. Many items were recovered despite attempts from the gang to throw them out of their car windows.

The victims were then brought forward to help identify the gang.

An exhibition of paintings by artist Heide Marie Fahl “Rumors of Color” will be on display in the Fisherman’s museum in Puerto Santiago from 6th to 28th of February.

The official opening of will be on Friday, February 6th, at 20:00 am with folk group “Grupo Miguel and his friends.”

The exhibition will be open Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 13:00 hours and from 16:00 to 19:00 hours.

The Hollywood Motor Show

Posted by dolly diver on December 19, 2008
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If you live in the area then can’t have missed the publicity. The Hollywood Motor Show starts today in Puerto Santiago.

The show has been a huge success in Santa Cruz, San Isidro and Granadilla and will be in Los Cristianos from 25th Dec to 6th Jan

David Stey, representative of the show, confirmed that the show comes with more than 400 tons of material on wheels and 15 trucks for assembly. There will be 90 minutes filled with tension and risk with stunt drivers deliberately rolling their cars. There are also motorcycles, quads, tractors and an authentic American Monster truck which will flatten anything in its way.

The show takes place at Calle Lajial, near the new Costa Los Gigantes Hotel. The road will be closed to through traffic.

Show times are:-
Friday 19th 20:00
Sat 20th 12:30 & 18:00
Sun 21st 12:30 & 18:00
Adults €15 Children under 14 €10

According to comments on local news blogs the show is well worth a visit.
We went to the motor show tonight and was very impressed. As the missus thought the stunts etc were brilliant for all the family boys and girls alike. Well worth the money when you consider how much it would cost to put on this sort of thing”.

Wanted man arrested in Puerto Santiago

Posted by dolly diver on November 28, 2008
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On 26th November local police in Puerto Santiago became suspicious of a man acting with aggressive behaviour. Upon questioning, the 39 year old man with initials A.R.B, he became agitated and nervous, further investigation led to his arrest as a warrant for his arrest had been issued by the courts in Santa Cruz. The man was detained at the Guardia Civil station in San Juan.

 	scrabble-night-at-the-chicken-shack-puerto-santiago“I’ve tickets here for the fun scrabble night on Nov 10th, you two will want tickets – won’t you”? It was John Broadhurst from The Asociacíon San Francisco de los Animales. Well, neither of us stood a chance of winning. We’d never played scrabble in years and without Microsoft Word and spell check there was no hope for us.

However, it was for a good cause as all the proceeds would be used for the benefit of stray and abandoned animals. As I am currently looking after a Mum and 5 kittens which were abandoned near me several weeks ago, and they all need to be neutered, we happily bought the tickets and joined in the fun.

Read the full story on their web site