Boat owners in Los Cristianos are up in arms over new rules introduced by the port authority to control the amount of traffic using the harbour. Boats over 8m will be banned from the crowded port altogether, while vessels under 6m must be taken out of the water and stored ashore.

The Arona Ayuntamiento and the Port Authority announced months ago that they were introducing a new scheme to reduce the number of boats in the harbour. But notices to remove craft have been ignored. The council are now enforcing the new ruling.

Only 35 boats between 6m and 8m will be allowed to tie up in the harbour at any one time. 100 boat owners want these places so it is proposed they be entered into a lottery for one of the 35 available slots.

The new rules are causing conflict among upset boat owners as it will affect pleasure craft, sports fishing boats and passenger-carrying pleasure boats.