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New Lions Club in Playa San Juan.

Posted by dolly diver on November 1, 2009
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Early in the New Year (2010), Lions Clubs international are hoping to create a new Club which will be the first in the Guia De Isora area.

The Club will be English speaking, but all Nationalities are welcome, men and women.

Lions Clubs are charitable groups which hold events to raise money for local and International concerns.

This Club, will be focusing on holding open social events, weekly or bi-weekly, based in the Playa San Juan area.

Explanatory meetings are to be convened in November and December for all interested parties.

Call Alan Glaves on 669 838 846, or Ken Ward 647 247 800

Drugs bust in San Juan

Posted by dolly diver on September 19, 2008
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The peace and tranquillity of Playa San Juan was interrupted on Monday evening 15th Sept 08 when the police flew into action with a large scale drugs raid. For several months undercover investigations had taken place in the Guia Isora area. The arrests shocked the villagers as one of the men whisked away in hand cuffs was a well know resident.

Bar Tropical as well as a neighbouring gym have been closed down by the National police. As well as San Juan further arrests were made in Fonsalia and the small village of Acojeje near Guia de Isora.

San Juan sand storm

Posted by dolly diver on August 22, 2008
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playa-san-juanThe new beach in San Juan is attracting a record number of tourists during the main holiday season while the row over the disappearing sand from the beach continues.

Local mayor Pedro Martín, has been criticised by opponents about his ideas of replacing the sand on San Juan’s new beach. Each time the swell picks up a considerable amount of sand is washed off the beach and into the bay. With the September equinox just around the corner, which causes very high and very low tides as well as storms over the winter season, the problem will only get worse. 	san-juan-harbour

The wrong sand, which has been brought in from quarries to replenish the beach, is being dragged away by the tide and building up in the harbour. It is feared that very soon the water will be so shallow that boats will not be able to use it.

The mayor has been asked to speed up the formalities with the relevant government departments to dredge the seabed further out to obtain more appropriate sand for Playa San Juan.

For many years now there has been much speculating about the plans for the construction of a multi-purpose port at Fonsalía, between Playa San Juan and Alcalá on our west coast of Tenerife.

Draft plans for the €177 million project, covering an area of 27,000m, have now been announced by the Canarian government. They include four large quays for commercial vessels and inter-island ferries, docking facilities for cruise liners and a sports marina with berths for 463 boats.

The initial plans have been in the pipeline for some time now, and a lot of consideration has been given as to how to build the new section of the island ring road, between the Adeje roundabout and Guia de Isora, which has to include a connection running down to Fonsalía to cope with the increased amount of commercial and tourist traffic the port will bring.

Coalición Canaria spokesperson for Guía de Isora council, Jesús Morales said the project represented a unique opportunity for economic development in the municipality and would be taking a great deal of ferry traffic from Los Cristianos.

Guia de Isora Mayor, Pedro Martín, said he was delighted by the economic boom the project would bring to the area but there were still many obstacles to overcome, such as how to access the tiny village of Fonsalía and the environmental concerns of the people living there. Consideration of the environmental impact on the area was a priority.