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“Hi Sheila”, It was Councillor Steve Gerald’s voice on the phone, “Coastal clean up on Sat 9th Aug, can you put it on your news, we need volunteers………………and you’re taking part too – aren’t you”?

“Oh er um – yes, I think I’m free”. It was a 9am start – hate getting up that early on a Saturday but it was a worthwhile cause and it’s always a good story for this news blog, so a note was made in the diary.

A few days before the event I received another call. “Can you help out at the dive centre we’re busy and could do with an extra pair of hand for a few days”?

I was there in a shot, any excuse to get me out of the office and go diving for a while. DaRKeTaMiN, webmaster, volunteered to answer the phones and keep things ticking over for a few days.

Now there was a problem how could I take part in the clean up as well as take people diving. Talking it through with instructor Andy we came up with a brilliant idea – we would all take part in the clean up. There was a beach we passed regularly which was covered in rubbish, it didn’t look nice, and there was also one of our popular dive sites which needed a good tidy up too. How to get volunteers? – you offer them a free dive. In a few minutes we had a full boat of volunteers. So it was a call to Steve to let him know.

pedaloSo on the day it was the usual 9.30 kit up for a 10am start. Our 1st job was to clean beach at Octopus Cove (called Echo bay by tourist boats) the rubbish included the top half of a pedalo, which had been washed up there about 2 years ago. The sea had been very flat and calm for the past few days but on this particular morning wave action made it difficult to get on and off beach and it was also difficult for the dive boat to stay in close. Rubbish consisted of shoes, fish boxes, the pedalo, and a huge length of rope easily 3 inches in diameter (very heavy), many bottle, cans and cartons, which filled 4 large bin liners.pedalo-on-board

Next stop was to drop of rubbish of in Puerto Santiago. This proved difficult as wave action prevented us from going against the harbour wall and everything had to be swum to the steps. The local firemen were taking part in the clean up too and were waiting for us. swimming-rubbish-ashore-in-puerto-santiago We did get some odd looks from them as we pulled in with the pedalo balanced on top of dive gear. At this point the harbour crane developed electrical difficulties but after much twiddling and banging they eventually got it working and lifted the pedalo from the water. Our next planned destination was dive site Punta Barbero – the rocky point off Playa Arena beach – a lovely dive site, but spoilt by rubbish. It has been cleaned up by us in the past so the opportunity for another clean up was taken.


Divers spent approximately 45 minutes in the water and once more many bottles, cans and cartons, as well as an old tyre were collected. A large item we wanted to move was a supermarket trolley which was tangled up in an old fish trap. It was sent to the surface on a lifting bag but was too heavy to safely bring on board, it had very sharp, rusty edges. It was decided that it was too risky to try to tow it back to Puerto Santiago harbour in the swell, so we towed it further out to sea and cut it loose. How a supermarket trolley got there in the first place is beyond me!

customers-and-staff-of-los-gigantes-diving-centreThe decision was then made not to go back into Puerto Santiago because of the swell so we went back to Los Gigantes marina and disposed of the rubbish in the bins provided by the marina.

Thirty other volunteers including the Surf Club Punta Blanca and the volunteer Firemen took part in the beach cleanup of Crab Island and the beaches at Puerto de Santiago and Playa Arena. A total of almost 500kg was collected.

The event ended with paella at Puerto Santiago square for the volunteers, sadly Andy and I had to miss out because we had to get back to work!

A good day was had by all.

gardens-los-gigantesThe municipality of Villa Historical of Santiago del Teide, together with the Agency for Employment and Local Development, is immersed in a project to improve all the municipal gardens.

Currently the gardens of Playa de La Arena, Los Gigantes and Viewpoint Archipenque are being worked on. Work will gradually continue its way through all the districts of the municipality.

Blarney Stone back under original management

Posted by dolly diver on July 16, 2008
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Blarnet Stone Playa ArenaThe Blarney Stone in Playa Arena is back under its original management and will re-open it doors on Friday 18th July at 8pm

Augustin and Colette aim to have the bar back in full swing just like old times. They have owned the bar for 12 years. Many of us knew the bar originally as Tiffanys, until 4 years ago when it was refurbished and opened as the Blarney Stone.

In the past there have been many reviews here are 2 of them:-

16 January 2006 a visitor from Leigh, Lancs UK wrote:
Review Subject: The Blarney Stone
Review title: “The Blarney Stone Is A Very friendly Well Run Bar And Restaurant”
Travel date: December 2005
The Blarney Stone situated across the road from the beach at Playa de la Arena is a very friendly well run bar and restaurant. The food is excellent, the atmosphere very hospitable and the owners Collette and Augustine work extremely hard. The entertainment is good, there is a quiz every night and karaoke. We certainly enjoyed our visits there. The Christmas night meal was fantastic. Well done to all concerned.

Review date: 12 March 2006 a visitor from Yorkshire wrote:
Review Subject: The Blarney Stone
Review title: “The Place To Go”
Travel date: December 2005
We spent Xmas again in Playa de la Arena for the fifth year running and went to the ‘Blarney Stone’ every day. The reception you get from Collette and Augustine is second to none. The food is of good quality and plenty of it. You must try the carvary – excellent. There is a great atmosphere on a night when people get up to sing. Sometimes you have to wait your turn to sing. They run a quiz every night. There is a great selection of beers, wines, spirits, cocktails etc. If you take a trip to Playa de la Arena, call in. It’s well worth a visit.

Blarey Stone Playa Arena

The Blarney Stone restaurant/entertainment bar will be open for breakfasts, lunches and evening meals with a varied menu and a special Sunday carvary. Their daily entertainment programme will be listed on “What’s on locally” and will vary between live music, quiz nights and karaoke evenings.

To celebrate the opening on Friday 18th Augustin, Colette and their staff have a great night lined up with live Irish music and a finger buffet, guaranteed to be a great night out and everyone is welcome.

On June the 4th 2008, Maxims Restaurant re-opened in a brand new location – Cuevo del Polvo, the former home of El Guanche, on the main road between Alacala and Los Gigantes, just above El Varadero.

The new setting offers, easy parking and spectacular sea views from the cliffs of Los Gigantes to El Varadero, The terrace is the perfect setting to enjoy a delicious meal while watch the sun setting over La Gomera. In the cooler months you can dine in the very tastefully decorated interior.

The owner, Denis Kets, is from Belgium. After loosing his job 9 years ago in his home country he looked for a brand new start. Denis and his son packed up their belongings and moved to Tenerife, attracted by the weather and the lifestyle.

His new life started in Las Galletas working in an apart/hotel whilst his son enjoyed his new school and the challenge of learning another language, then in Dec 2006 he opened Maxims in Los Gigantes. There he met Christina.

Christina, (left) having worked in the Swiss Chalet, Ireland for many years where she won the Irish Tourism Award in both 1984 and 1985 moved to Tenerife in 1986, eventually becoming the owner/chef of La Bodega in Puerto Santiago for 10 years. Due to family commitments she retired.

Fed up and bored with retirement she became, and still is, chef of Maxims, preparing and cooking a mouth watering selection of French and Belgium cuisine with that little twist of luxury that can make an evening really special. All produce is prepared specifically to your order using only the highest quality fresh products.


Every Friday and Saturday evening, as well as Sunday lunchtime, you can dine at your leisure and enjoy listening to their resident pianist – Julia – playing a selection of much loved tunes gently in the background.

For more information about their superb menu and opening times, check out their website

Tel: 922 862 415 or 653 944 995

Many of you will have seen me, Beauty manning my post from Monday to Friday outside the office in El Varadero. The highlight of my day is to mug (with big brown pleading eyes and a hopeful wag of the tail) the ladies (well anyone actually) returning from the supermarket with their shopping. Now this week as well as mugging them for the odd nice tit bit I’ve been mugging them for money too – sponsorship for the Associacion de San Francisco de Los Animales walk, which is taking place on Sunday 15th June from the new hotel in Alcala to Pilgrims Bar in Playa Arena.

I was a rescue dog myself. I was roaming in the Punta Blanca area and was very ill, although I didn’t look it. To cut a long story short I was taken in by Paul, (my human) even though he did send me to the kennels first, for which I have forgiven him. I was nursed back to health and I am told that I have a lovely nature, (no biting the hand that feeds here, unless it is due to over enthusiastic munching of a tit bit, oops sorry). I won the obedience award several times in the local dog show (well it was easy really, I just wanted to please Paul).

Many of you will have seen me pulling the Santa’s sledge on the Lion’s annual Carol Singing events around Los Gigantes. However, last year at the age of 13yrs Paul thought I should retire from this duty, the back legs are beginning to give me a bit of trouble, I do have some lumps and bumps now but my hero took me to the vets (that’s the Human with the stick thing he sticks under your tail, well I can’t mention the details, ladies don’t speak of such things), and he says to leave the lumps alone.

On Sunday I am coming out of retirement to raise funds for all those cats and dogs less fortunate than me. Already I have raised €135 and still have 4 days to go. So if you are passing through El Varadero please call in and put some money in my jar. (if you don’t know exactly where I am tel: 922 862713