We recently met with local Councillor Steve and the Councillor for Tourism German (pronounced Herman) with regard to a future project. During the course of the meeting we discussed the general state of the area, and discussed some of the comments posted by users of losgigantes.com forum. We were astounded by the answer, as are the Councillors themselves.

The state of the some of the local gardens is poor. The Council are aware of this, but they do have a limited budget, and every time they plant new flowers in Los Gigantes, particularly in the area of the central plaza by the church they are stolen!!!! This has happened a number of times, I have to say I almost could not believe my ears; this is crazy the Council are trying to make the village more beautiful and some Muppets are stealing the plants.

As a follow on to this we will run the story of the new Christmas planting of the gardens along with the budgets involved, Los Gigantes.com will also photograph the newly planted gardens.

If you have any information as to where the plants have gone please let us or the council know.