Have you tried it yet? If not, Why not?

I’m talking about the new Fish Spa in the marina los Gigantes . The spa was recently opened and is great for your feet, the tanks are all filtered and sterilised constantly for the health of the fish as well as the customers, and a foot bath is mandatory before you can put your feet in the tank, all under the watchful eye of Vicky the Manageress.

The fish are all genuine Garra Rufa and legally imported, the healing effect of these tiny fish is well documented.

When you put your feet in the tank for the first time it can be a little scary, but the mild nibbling sensation is very relaxing, and the massaging of the fish can help to improve circulation.

I can’t wait until my next visit and while you are there and well relaxed, why not pop into one of the bars next door and enjoy a relaxing drink, to round off the experience.
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