For many years the theme of carnival has caused controversy and this year is no different with the theme of Frankenstein.

The winning portrait depicts Frankenstein, one of the most famous fictitious monsters of all time, from the gothic novel by Mary Shelly and of course the now, “cult”, horror movies.

The work, of the artist Gonzalo Luís Fernández, and entitled ‘Monster Dancer’, was selected last week among other 103 submitted to the public tender convened in the capital of Tenerife.

The theme of Carnival in 2009 (the film from terror) invited artists to have free rein of their imagination and to the eccentricities of artist participants. The judgment of the jury was made public by the Municipality in a communiqué, and alongside the carnival portrait of one of the most famous monsters of all times-born in the literature, in the pen of Mary Shelley, and developed in the cinema.

All the posters are now exhibited to the public by the Society Municipal Development in Santa Cruz and it is hoped the carnival will continue to entice more visitors next year, therefore improving the local economy.