mobile_phonePAY-AS-YOU-GO mobile phones are becoming more and more popular, especially with youngsters because it enables them to know exactly how much they are spending by the day.

From last Monday (9th Nov), many of them will have been shocked to find their mobiles not functioning.
The reason is that they have not registered with their network providers, despite a government instruction in 2007, which gave them two years to comply with the ruling.

Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, Minister for the Interior, says they will still be able to reactivate their numbers and recover their lines if they provide their network operators with personal details within six months.

The move was aimed at preventing terrorists and organised criminal gangs from being untraceable by using pay-as-you-go mobiles.

Now, anyone who buys a new phone of this type will automatically be registered, and anyone who has not registered his or her previous number will have 6months to register.

Rubalcaba said the six-month stand-off would enable the “least-informed members of society, such as the young and the elderly” a chance to register.