tillyWhen Jimmy and Sandy Quigley, long time residents of Los Gigantes, and managers of the Outside Inn, Puerto Santiago decided to pack up and move back to the UK they made a decision that their cat Tilly would definitely be part of their plans. Sadly due to quarantine laws Tilly could not go with them for 6 months, so long time friend Sandy became her foster mum until she was given the OK to fly.

Everything went according to plan, Tilly settled nicely into her foster home and the correct channels were followed to ensure Tilly safely joined her owners in the UK.

Arrangements were made through CPA (an animal protection agency). Regulation cage €57, injections and blood tests €246 and a flight was booked with Thomas Cook €530 (at certain times of the year people can expect to pay over €700)

The day before the flight Tilly was given her certificate of fitness to fly and on Tues 28th April Sandy drove Tilly to the airport checked her in, all was OK – or so she thought.

Before Sandy arrived back in Los Gigantes her mobile was ringing.
“We’ve lost your cat, the cage fell off the luggage transporter and your cat has escaped”.

Sandy immediately went back to the airport. On examining the empty cage there was no damage and a cage falling off a luggage transporter would not have opened two of the 4 twist locks needed to open the cage. Sandy was sure someone must have deliberately opened the cage. A witness did say they had seen the cat running away.

Sandy then informed Jimmy and Sandy of the predicament and within a very short time they were on a flight to Tenerife, all expenses paid by Thomas Cook for the weekend. They were told that the whole airport was on the lookout for their cat, but on arrival when they asked questions no one had any idea of what they were talking about. It was also bank holiday weekend, there was no one to assist them to enter the secured areas of the airport to search for Tilly. After a wasted weekend Thomas Cook then extended their stay to a week in the hope that their cat would be found. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The search was to no avail and Sandie and Jimmy returned to the Uk without their beloved Tilly.

Tilly is chipped but due to airport regulations her collar had to be removed for travel. Now she could be wandering somewhere near the airport with no identification looking like the many of the feral cats that inhabit the area.

If you think you may have seen Tilly please call Sandie on 676890773.