Santiago del Teide county council has issued the route for the 11th annual Santiago pilgrimage walk, the Ruta Jacobea Tinerfeña 2008, The walk is scheduled for July 19th and 20th.

Pilgrims will follow the traditional route this year which leaves from the Santiago Apóstol parish church in Los Realejos. It was at this church that the nine Guanche kings were baptised, the ancient aboriginal rulers of the island who signalled the formal conversion of Tenerife to Christianity after the Spanish conquest.

The route will then take the Pilgrims to the hermitage in the Valle de Arriba just outside of Santiago del Teide, then on to the Santiago Apóstol church in Santiago del Teide.

During the walk several places of historical interest will be visited. The Mirador de La Corona, las Coladas del Volcán de Garachico, Los Campeches, la Fuente del Bardo, and Los Partidos de Franki, before arriving at the hermitage of Santiago, which was built in 1550.

Vehicles are being organised to carry back packs and to provide first aid if required.

Those interested need to contact the Cultural department at the Santiago del Teide town hall or telephone 922863127: Ext. 234 or 235.

There are a limited number of places so book early.