Los Gigantes Dive Centre owner Nev, having finishing his first days diving after returning from a well earned holiday, was relaxing over a well needed beer, when the marina suddenly erupted with activity!

There was much shouting “Nev, move your boat a car wants your berth”

Rather puzzled Nev wandered over to find………….see pic right

As the car was not over the water enough to tip the balance so it fell onto his boat Nev decided there was no need to panic, however a rope quickly appeared and the car was tied to the nearest lamp post until it could be winched back from the brink.

It turned out that the owner of the car, who wishes to remain anonymous, had forgotten to put the hand brake on, Oops! His major concern now with all the very enthusiastic boys in blue around:-Would he get a parking ticket as he was well over the newly painted yellow line!

However the local fire brigade were soon on the scene and the car was winched back onto the road.

Photo by Amy