Rock fall Los Gigantes beach


At approximately 15:30 this afternoon there was a serious rock fall on Los Gigantes beach. News from the Mayor’s office confirms 8 are injured and 2 are dead, one Spanish girl age 22yrs, one English woman 57yrs  staying in Calle el Pino on holiday.

Guardia Civil officers, sniffer dogs, Policia Local and volunteers from local fire brigades as far away as Adeje continued well into the evening searching through the rubble for possible more victims.

rockfall-los-gigantes-beachThe English woman who died was Marion Auril O’Hara. She arrived in Los Gigantes yesterday with her son to celebrate a 60th birthday in the family. Her son was in the sea swimming when the incident occurred.

The tide was high, the weather perfect and the beach was packed with sun worshipers, both residents and tourists,  enjoying a lazy afternoon.  A spokes man said it was fortunate that more were not injured or killed.

Rock fall Los Gigantes Beach

It is rumoured that there have been a number of smaller rock falls in recent days and questions are now being asked as to why the area was not cordoned off adequately.

Condolences to the families from the Los team