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Junior Carnival Queen

Posted by dolly diver on March 18, 2011
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Three gorgeous young girls are all hoping to be this year’s junior Carnival Queen.  The gala for the election of the queen, as well as many entertainers will take place tonight Friday, March 18, from 18:00 pm in the Plaza Los Gigantes.

Candidates are:

1. Gina Contini Martina Cruz with a costume “Tasty in a Latin Carnival”

2.  Évora Adriana Jimenez with a costume “100×100 sugar”

3.  Mayerlin Dorta Ravelo with a costume “Tourism in Africa”

Carnival Queen candidates

Posted by dolly diver on March 17, 2011
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A total of 3 candidates hope to be crowned “Queen of the Adult Carnival 2011″, which this year has the theme “Latino.”

The gala for the election of the queen as well as the appearance of many entertainers, will take place this evening Thursday 17 March, from 21:00 pm in the Plaza Los Gigantes.

The candidates this year are:
1. Veronica Cairns Martin, who will wear the fantasy, entitled “Night of Fantasy”.

2. Tamara Pérez Gorrín will wear the fantasy “Madam 1909″.

3 Tatiana Pérez Hernández with the fantasy “The Guardian of Dreams”.

Every year before Christmas it has become a tradition here in Los Gigantes to illuminate the “Tree of Light” to raise money to assist people less fortunate than ourselves.

In the last few years, through the generosity of the residents and visitors to this community, we have been able to sponsor hundreds of cataract operations in the Third World.

This year, with the Economic Crisis that has had such a devastating effect on so many people in this corner of Tenerife, the Lions Club of Santiago del Teide is concentrating on raising funds simply to buy food to supplement the meals that many local parents are struggling to provide for their families. Many of them are trying to survive on as little as Euros 100 per month!

Most of us have lost someone dear to us and it is at this time of year that they are uppermost in our thoughts.

The Lions Club of Sanitago del Teide would like to invite you all to sponsor a bulb on their “Tree of Light” and dedicate it to the memory of that special person. It will remain illuminated (weather permitting), every night until the end of the festive season.

Each bulb costs only Euros 5. All money raised will go directly to purchasing those much needed groceries.


The Green Corner bar – Los Gigantes
Restaurant Asturias – Los Gigantes
Simple Simons – Los Gigantes
Paul Ruane – Los Gigantes
Los Gigantes Diving Centre – Marina, Los Gigantes
Megatone – El Varadero
MDI – Alcala
Las Rosas Resort – Puerto Santiago

Or send by post to :-
Santiago del Teide Lions Club, Apartado de Correos 198, 38683 Puerto de Santiago, S/C Tenerife

Los Gigantes has escapes major storm damage

Posted by dolly diver on December 1, 2010
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The electrical storms and rough seas prevented diving or dolphin watching boats from leaving the safety of the harbour but Los Gigantes has escaped major damage during the storms of the past few days.

Winds of up to 190 kph struck Izaña and 140 kph in Puerto de la Cruz, trees uprooted, cranes blown over, roves damaged as well as flooding.

No-one was killed but one person is still in hospital with serious head injuries after an iron door fell on him and four people were slightly injured by falling glass.

Reports indicated that yet again the agricultural sector will pay dearly, with banana, and avocado farmers reporting high levels of damage.

Many flights were cancelled. 23.000 people were left without electricity, particularly in Los Realejos, Icod de los Vinos, Arico, Arona and San Miguel, and 13 schools were unable to reopen yesterday (Tuesday) due to storm damage.

………..and it’s not over yet. More rain is forecast for the weekend and early next week. Weather experts are monitoring the situation but no alerts have been issued yet.

Work may soon start on Los Gigantes Beach

Posted by dolly diver on September 23, 2010
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 	closed-beach-los-gigantesThe council’s plans for the repairs to Los Gigantes beach has been approved by the Ministry of the Environment

The beach has been closed to the public since November last year when two women were killed in a land slide. (see original story)

Funds are now available to start part one of the work needed. The first 75 metres of the cliff will be reinforced which will allow part of the beach to reopen.

A date to start work has not been agreed but according to the Mayor he hopes work will start in October and could take up to 5 months to complete. The project will cost 505,000 Euros,

The other 50m of the beach will be repaired to meet safety standards when funds become available.

Tenerife Pantry in the Plaza de Los Gigantes

Posted by dolly diver on June 15, 2010
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This past weekend a local produce sale was held in the Plaza Bouganvilla, Los Gigantes.
It was an event in which farmers from different parts of the island could show their products (honey, cheese, pastries, wine, potatoes … ) The event was organized by the Local Development Agency, Tourism, the Department of Agriculture Hall of the Historic Village of Santiago del Teide and Tenerife Pantry.

The Pantry is a project of the Tenerife Cabildo de Tenerife and Tenerife Rural Foundation. The aim is to promote the local produce of the island. Among the initiatives under this project include the creation of the website ( where users can access the different products of the land with the possibility of purchasing from home.

Jose Joaquin Bethencourt, Minister of Agriculture of the Cabildo of Tenerife, said that “one of the priorities in this area of the council is to relocate to society the importance of eating local produce because they all represent our culture, tradition and source of wealth for our people.”

Replacement of street lighting in Los Gigantes

Posted by dolly diver on March 12, 2010
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acantilado-de-los-gigantesWork has begun replacing the street lights in the Avenida José González Fortes, Calle Hibisco and Flor de Pascua in Los Gigantes.

The work has a budget of around Euros 202,000

Heart attack on Shogun

Posted by dolly diver on March 8, 2010
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Tourist boat Shogun, which operates for Puerto Colon, had to detour and make an unscheduled stop in Los Gigantes yesterday when a passenger on board suffered a heart attack.

The incident occurred around 3pm. The man, who name has not yet been disclosed, was in his early 40’s. He complained of chest pains then lost consciousness. A nurse on board was unable to revive him and he was pronounced dead when the emergency services arrived.

Storms for Los Gigantes

Posted by dolly diver on February 1, 2010
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Click on photos to enlarge

Los Gigantes continues to be battered by high winds and torrential rain. The orange alert issued by the Met Office is extended until Tuesday evening.

A yellow alert for the south of Tenerife, La Gomera and El Hierro has been issued with warnings of heavy seas and gale force winds which could reach up to force 6 or 7.

Floods and electricity cuts are causing major chaos and the fire brigade and local authorities are working round the clock to unblock drains and clear the blocked roads of rocks.

 	flooded-beach-road-los-gigantesThe Cabildo de Tenerife Road Services Department has closed the TF-631 road from kilometre 3 to 4.8 from Abades to San Miguel de Tajao in Arico, due rock falls caused by torrential rain falls. The TF-21 Teide road from La Orotava is also closed because of hail storms. Access to the National Park using any of the other roads is not recommended.

Because of torrential rainfall and possible flooding, the following advice is a guide for the general public to follow:
1. Stay calm and stay at home; be on the alert for possible danger areas such as gullies and drains etc. nearby.
2. Keep watching local media for the latest weather updates.
 	stones-washed-on-to-road-in-el-varadero3. Avoid driving during heavy rain. If you have to drive, pay particular attention to the depth of the water and be careful when braking. If your vehicle starts to fill with water, park it safely and abandon it.
4. If you are driving, keep to the major roads avoiding secondary roads, and drive in a lower gear.
5. Don’t cross bridges if the water has risen above the road level.
6. Don’t go into the lower areas of your house if they are flooded, such as garages and basements etc. If you are flooded, leave your house and find higher ground.
 	flooded-road-in-el-varadero7. Disconnect the electrical power in these circumstances. Don’t use lifts in case there is a power cut.
8. If flooding has trapped you in the upper levels of your house, don’t attempt to leave it by swimming as you could be swept away by the current. It is preferable to call 112 and wait for help.
9. Keep a battery powered radio and follow instructions issued by the Protección Civíl through the press, television and radio.
10. Avoid unnecessary phone calls in order to keep lines open for emergencies.
11. In case of emergency, call 112.
These guidelines will be updated as weather conditions change.

Winning entry of this year’s Carnival poster competition

Posted by dolly diver on January 26, 2010
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There were 5 entries this year’s Los Gigantes carnival 2010 poster competition. The theme is “Africa” and the winning entry was painted by artist Rodolfo Jorge Gutierrez.