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Seven million kg of Canarian bananas are held up in containers on the mainland in Cadiz, Seville and Alicante. If the fruit is not moved to markets in the next day or two it will rot, the economic cost could be well over nine million euros. The Canary Island’s Government has asked Madrid for help.

In addition, there are stock piles of fresh produce waiting to be shipped to the Canary Islands. Should it fail to arrive this weekend, importers are warning that we could face shortages next week.

An AndalucĂ­an company, who grow organic fruit and vegetables, have given away 10 tons of produce this week, rather than see it go to waste or be thrown away due to the strike.

Consumers in Tenerife urged not to panic buy

Posted by dolly diver on June 11, 2008
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The Canarian Government is urging people not to empty shops of basic foodstuffs in anticipation of shortages in the next week.

As news of the effects of the hauliers’ strike continues to make the national and international headlines, the regional government insists that the situation is under control and there is no need for panic buying.

Reports yesterday indicated that one of the cargo ships that supplies the islands had been unable to load hundreds of containers at Cadiz due to the strike by lorry drivers, who are protesting at soaring fuel costs. However, the authorities stress there is no cause for concern and people who have started to panic buy are behaving selfishly.