The majority of the 740 families caught up by land expropriations for the island circular road between Icod and the south of Tenerife now know the government offer for their properties
and there are few happy with the valuation.

Property owners in Santa Barbara, El Paso and Las Lajas seem satisfied with the offer although the president of the association fought for fair compensation and believes those with smaller properties should still demand better valuations.

The majority have been offered €785 per sq. metre and some are valued at €985. They feel the offer is insufficient and unjust.

Property owners are determined to fight for more cash for their houses and agricultural plots or to actually halt the construction of the ring road altogether.

Four years ago one family purchased a house with farmland and invested €200,000 on refurbishing the house, they were not told of the plans for the road at the time of purchase.

However, the governing coalition at Icod de los Vinos council issued a statement promising to meet each and every family which feels it has been hard done by with the valuations. The council will then study their cases individually and negotiate with the regional authorities, if necessary, for better terms.