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The newly refurbished beach promenade in Los Cristianos was officially opened by the Arona council on Friday 27th June.

The project took 15 months to complete and cost the council over three million euros. The work consisted of, “improvements to the 20 year-old promenade which involved repaving, replacing the furniture, creating accesses to the beach, public lighting and services such as the provision of toilets, showers and security. Read more

Los Cristianos bay will be bracing itself for the arrival of a fleet of bulldozers if the collective might of the authorities gets its way – and all the signs are that it will.

Last week Arona’s mayor, José Alberto González Reverón said: “The expropriation of property in this area and its subsequent demolition are necessary steps to total recuperation.”

It is no secret that the town council has been involved in many meetings with Costas and the regional government with a view to establishing the precise framework within which the restoration of the bay can be achieved.

The estimated budget for the compulsory purchase of affected properties is in the region of €35 million.

“We understand the position of the owners, but we are asking an effort to be made to transform Los Cristianos into a truly first class tourist destination,” said the mayor. “The compensation we will offer will be fair and dignified.”

The total number of doomed properties are “eight or nine”, he said, “although we recognize that some of the buildings contain many apartments in which case a large number of people will be affected.”

The plan is to give the land recovered over to public space and a promenade.