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The majority of the 740 families caught up by land expropriations for the island circular road between Icod and the south of Tenerife now know the government offer for their properties
and there are few happy with the valuation.

Property owners in Santa Barbara, El Paso and Las Lajas seem satisfied with the offer although the president of the association fought for fair compensation and believes those with smaller properties should still demand better valuations.

The majority have been offered €785 per sq. metre and some are valued at €985. They feel the offer is insufficient and unjust.

Property owners are determined to fight for more cash for their houses and agricultural plots or to actually halt the construction of the ring road altogether.

Four years ago one family purchased a house with farmland and invested €200,000 on refurbishing the house, they were not told of the plans for the road at the time of purchase.

However, the governing coalition at Icod de los Vinos council issued a statement promising to meet each and every family which feels it has been hard done by with the valuations. The council will then study their cases individually and negotiate with the regional authorities, if necessary, for better terms.

Northern train

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Busi­ness owners in Icod are gathering support from town councils throughout the north of Tenerife to push for a planned railway to reach the old commer­cial town.

The regional government are planning to build a railway connecting Santa Cruz to Adeje, which will improve travelling to and from the capital to the tourist resorts of the south. The rail link will reduce traffic and mod­ernise the island’s trans­port network. The lines will then be extended to reach Los Realejos.

A railway tunnel between La Orotava and Güímar is also in the advanced planning stage. Icod’s business as­sociation, Aspymecod, is playing the victimised card and suggests that by be­ing excluded they are being treated as second class.

For the future progress of Tenerife’s northwest it is concidered that their inclu­sion in the railway network as absolutely imperative.

No doubt the councils further to the north feel the same and with more reason. Icod at least has a major bus sta­tion which acts as a hub for connections to many of the neighbouring towns and surroundings, whilst other towns are lucky to see one bus an hour.

Volcanic tube opens to visitors

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Volcanic cave

Soon to open to the public in Icod de los Vinos is a section of the second largest volcanic tube in the world.

The Cueva del Viento is a volcanic tube system which consists of more than 18km of intersecting galleries unique in the world as they are laid in three floors superimposed over each other. Lakes, falls, terraces and walls of lava make up the largest underground labyrinth worldwide which have still not been fully investigated despite the almost 40 years of dedication by various teams of speleologists.

During the explorations of the cave system many fossils have been found of extinct animals and insects. The cave system takes its name from the strong currents of air that can be felt underground and an enormous amount of work has been done to make it accessible and safe to the public with maintaining its ecological integrity as a priority.

World environment day was chosen to announce the opening of the visitors centre and the restricted visit to the tunnel system although a fixed date has not yet been set.

Information panels are in Spanish and English and of special interest are the 170 insects which live in the caves of which 48 only live underground and 15 are new to science including two members of the coleopterous, Wolltinerfia martin and Woltinerfia Tenerife and an eyeless cockroach, Loboptera subterranea.

Severe gales in the region

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Rough sea in Puerto De La Cruz
Picture: Puerto de la Cruz – Sunday

Many parts of the Canaries yesterday were still in the grip of the ferocious winds that have battered the region since Saturday.

Hundreds of flights were cancelled in La Palma and Gran Canaria due to the high wind speed.

Puerto de La Cruz and other northern areas of Tenerife were badly hit. Local police and firemen were kept busy with calls for assistance and several major tourist attractions closed as a precautionary measure.

Winds speeds in excess of 130 kmh were recorded and major damage was caused to one apartment block.

The authorities also ordered the closure of schools in El Tanque and Icod de Los Vinos. In all, almost 60 schools in Tenerife closed.

Closer to home – Los Gigantes has escaped severe wind damage but high seas, cloud and a bit of rain have kept the tourists off the beaches. All whale and dolphin trips as well as diving excursions were cancelled.

Editors comment – Still much warmer than UK!!!