Atlantic rowersWe came through two huge storms, had a flooded cabin and had to be towed in against wind and tide for the last two miles but the effort was truly worthwhile.”

Atlantic rowers Peter Raab and Tim Wilks, aboard the Tenerife boat Martha Dos, arrived in Antigua, in the Caribbean, at 3.30pm last Tuesday after a 59-day journey across the ocean.

They left Puerto Colon, where Peter runs a boat sales and chandlery, on December 8, clipping two days off the boat’s previous fastest time, set by Tenerife residents, lawyer Pedro Ripol and commercial pilot Francisco Korff in 2001.

And they overtook half the pack of 20 boats that left La Gomera six days before them in an organised race across the Atlantic.

Peter and Tim, rowing independently in aid of the Tenerife charities Asociacion Orobal and San Lazaro expect to have raised several thousand euros with their achievement.
For Peter it was “my last bit of wild life” before he and his wife, Claudine, settle down to family life with a Chinese baby they have been planning to adopt.