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The Canarian Health Service telephone appointments system failed yet again yesterday (22nd April) causing chaos.

Callers to the CHS number (012) were unable to get through to book an appointment with their GP or with a specialist.

The crash affected the entire system and was caused by a computer failure, which also prevented medical staff from consulting patient records ahead of the day’s appointments.

Tenerife was worst hit by the server breakdown, although scores of health centres in Gran Canaria were also badly affected.

The Health Service said that a back-up system had partially remedied the problem but disruption was inevitable.

Health Service workers walk out again

Posted by dolly diver on January 29, 2008
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Thousands of Health Service workers stage another two hour stoppage today after failing to persuade the regional government to call a meeting to put an end to the ongoing pay dispute.

Health centres and A&E Units in hospitals throughout the Canaries are expected to be hit badly by the action, which is designed to keep the pressure up on the Department of Health to implement an agreement reached last year but which has not been honoured, according to the unions. It is expected that the stoppage will conclude with a formal announcement by the unions regarding the date chosen for a 24-hour strike to be held in the coming weeks.