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Gang of pickpocket arrested

Posted by dolly diver on February 24, 2009
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 	fisher-womans-roundabout-puerto-santiagoPuerto Santigo is normally a quiet place on a Sunday afternoon, but last Sunday was rather different when a gang of seven Romanians were arrested and were all lined up around the fisherlady roundabout. Rumors quickly flew round, drugs bust, bank robbery, but in fact it was a gang of pickpockets who were arrested.

The culprits, all aged between 30 and 50 have been identified only by their initials, R.M., C.F.R., M.I., L.A., T.S and V.D and a woman, L.R.

After the police had received several reports from the public about purse and wallet thefts, a surveillance operation in the area followed. The gang were soon located and were watched through binoculars.

They arrived by hire car, met in a local cafe to select their targets. The victims were often tourists waiting at the bus stop by the sports centre in Los Gigantes. They would be distracted by one gang member with a map asking directions while another picked their pocket or handbag. A hire car would be parked nearby for a quick getaway.

What this gang failed to realise is there is only one way out of Los Gigantes and the local police backed up by the Guardia Civil arrested them at a road block on the exit road. Many items were recovered despite attempts from the gang to throw them out of their car windows.

The victims were then brought forward to help identify the gang.

Wanted man arrested in Puerto Santiago

Posted by dolly diver on November 28, 2008
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On 26th November local police in Puerto Santiago became suspicious of a man acting with aggressive behaviour. Upon questioning, the 39 year old man with initials A.R.B, he became agitated and nervous, further investigation led to his arrest as a warrant for his arrest had been issued by the courts in Santa Cruz. The man was detained at the Guardia Civil station in San Juan.

Burglar falls into police hands

Posted by dolly diver on November 18, 2008
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While out on a routine patrol, Civil Guard officers in Playa San Juan came across a man climbing balconies, looking in windows and checking if doors were open.

When the man realised he was being watched he panicked and ran . In his haste he fell and was instantly arrested by the officers.

Body discovered at Punta Blanca

Posted by dolly diver on October 31, 2008
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 	police-and-guardia-civil-at-punta-blancaAt 8am this morning residents in the El Varadero area were awakened by Police and Guardia Civil sirens. Cars and vans were rushing along the coastal road to Punta Blanca.

Early morning walkers had discovered a body in a wet suit on the rocks. The circumstances and identity of the body are not known yet.

Culprit caught on camera

Posted by dolly diver on October 17, 2008
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 	bancamarch-playa-arenaThe photo images taken from CCTV cameras in last week’s bank robbery of Banca March in Playa Arena has led to the arrest of the culprit, who walked off with €5400 in cash after threatening the staff with a large knife.

The man aged 53 and identified only by his initials, M.G.R., was arrested in a bar in Los Cristianos and is due to appear in court today.

Police have recovered €2000 of the stolen money and are praising the media for quickly distributing the photos.

Drug smugglers caught at Reina Sofia Airport

Posted by dolly diver on October 14, 2008
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Guardia Civil Officers at Reina Sofia airport arrested two people yesterday and charged them with smuggling cocaine into Tenerife.

The suspicious looking couple, a 26-year-old Colombian man with initials F.S.G.M., and a 19-year-old woman from Ecuador, were stopped by the officers. Nothing illegal was found in their luggage but they were found to be carrying 700g of capsules of cocaine in their stomachs.

Can you identify this thief?

Posted by dolly diver on October 13, 2008
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The Guardia Civil are appealing to the public to help them identify this man.

His actions were caught on the Bank’s security cameras as he unsheathed the knife, threatened the staff and calmly walked off with €5300. Police believe the man is in his 50’s with a pale complexion and possibly 6 foot tall. Although he spoke Spanish well it is suspected he is foreign.

If you can identify this man call the Guardia Civil on 062. Calls will be treated anonymously.

Apartment Fire in Puerto Santiago

Posted by dolly diver on October 5, 2008
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santiago-beach-apts-puerto-santiagoAt 6.30 am on Thursday morning, 2nd Oct, the peaceful neighbourhood of Puerto Santiago was woken by sirens from police cars and fire engines.

Residents of the 50 apartments in the  Santiago Beach Apartment complex, opposite the harbour and beach in Puerto Santiago,  suddenly found themselves being evacuated from the building.

apartment-fire-santiago-beachDuring the evacuation the police noticed a man with blood on his hands and he was taken to one side to be questioned.

The 32yr old man, with the initials, F.J.P.H, admitted setting fire to his second floor apartment because he was paraniod he would be attacked and stabbed while he slept by his enemies. There had been several recent arguments which had resulted in the police being called.

He was arrested, handcuffed and transported to the Guardia Civil station in Playa San Juan, via the medical centre in Alcalá for treatment to his injuries.

Youth arrested in Puerto Santiago

Posted by dolly diver on September 11, 2008
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This morning, 11th September, at around 04.30 the security guards of Tamaimo Tropical hotel on the coast of Puerto Santiago called the Local Police of Santiago del Teide to arrest a youth who was caught breaking into hotel rooms.

The 21 year old youth, of Spanish nationality, with the initials H.D.A.G had forced entry into several rooms causing damage.

The youth resisted arrest, which caused more damage to the hotel furnishings. Once handcuffed and searched police found a large knife in his possession. A woman’s handbag, a wallet and several other personal items, which police believe came from the rooms in the hotel, were found in the corridor.

Once detained the youth, who has a criminal record of assaults, forced entries and other similar crimes, was taken to Local Police Headquarters to give a statement and was then transferred to the Guardia Civil in San Juan, to await his court case.

Body discovery At Sea

Posted by dolly diver on July 8, 2008
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The naked body of a man, thought to be aged between 30 and 35, was found floating in the sea off Diego Hernandez beach in Adeje on Sunday morning. People on board a private boat made the initial discovery. The body was recovered by Guardia Civil officers in their patrol boat Rio Gallo.

The man, who has not yet been named has long hair, a beard, a tattoo on one arm with the words Maria Ines inside a heart, as well as other tattoos.