ferry_agroundThe Fred Olsen ferry, Bonanza Express, which ran aground at Los Cristianos earlier this week, has been successfully re-floated. She is now berthed in Los Cristianos harbour.

The ferry ran aground on the rocks when the gears failed and she was unable to reverse.

A spokesman for the company said that the re-floating was a massive operation which involved 250 specialised staff. The load of the ferry had to be lightened, so a second ferry, in a very tricky manoeuvre, reversed in so the cars and lorries could be unloaded. Then on the high tide tugs pulled her clear.
She is now undergoing inspections in Los Cristianos and will be taken to Las Palmas for repairs as there is no shipyard on Tenerife that can handle a vessel of that size.

An investigation into the accident is now in progress using data from the ships’ computers and statements from the crew and passengers.