Fred.Olsen Express have confirmed that they will be offering special schedules during the forthcoming Easter holidays.

Fred.Olsen Express aims to give a positive response to the high demand for tickets for these shipping dates, and most importantly, allow a more flexible schedule, convenient to customers during the holidays.

For these reasons, and in the case of the Tenerife line – El Hierro, they have prepared some special routes – on March 19th, leaving from Los Cristianos to El Hierro will be at 14:30, while the same 19th and March 20th departures from Los Cristianos Hierro will be at 17:30. Regarding the same trip, on Saturday 22nd there will be an extra departure from Los Cristianos at 12:30 and another from El Hierro at 17:30. On the return day of the holiday, March 23rd, there will be a departure from Los Cristianos to El Hierro at 12:30 and the return of El Hierro will take place at 15:00.

La Palma – Los Cristianos (Tenerife) will be on 22nd and 23rd March, where departures from S / C of La Palma will be at 10 o’clock in the morning.

As for La Gomera, March 23rd there will be a special departure from San Sebastián de La Gomera to Los Cristianos at 14:30, at 15:30 and another from Los Cristianos to San Sebastián de La Gomera.

For more information, call Information and Reservations Fred.Olsen Express (902100107), consult the website, or go to your local travel agent.