barcello-santiagoThe latest rumor around town is that both Barceló Santiago Hotel (right) and Barceló Varadero (below) are up for sale.

According to the Spanish press, several of Spain’s major hotel chains are preparing to announce that up up to seven hotels could be up for sale throughout the Islands.

Sol Meliá in Puerto de la Cruz, have had the Parque San Antonio and the Tamarindo, up for sale for several months now.

 	barcelo-varaderoBarceló is pulling out of Lanzarote completely, their two hotels, the Hotel La Galea and the Barceló Lanzarote are also for sale.

The sale of the Barceló Santiago and the Barceló Varadero, will leave the company with hotels only in Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura.

The recent down turn in tourism has meant that these major companies are looking into destination which could be more profitable to them such as Dominican Republic, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean.

We can only hope that these hotels are sold to a company which does not offer fully inclusive holidays! but that’s probably too much to wish for.