Puerto Santiago PlazaGone are my days of being able to fiesta all night and work all day! How the local Canarians manage it is beyond me, but they did, as every night of the recent eight day fiesta was well supported. Many of the winter residents had organised a couple of weeks extra holiday especially for the occasion.

Around 4,000 people gathered in the Puerto Santiago Plaza as celebrations kicked off on Sat 12th with Fiesta Joven, (concert for the young) organised by the department of youth, Santiago del Teide council and the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife. Girl group Las K-Narias was top of the bill supported by Madel.

Fairground at Puerto Santiago fiestaThe week continued with nightly entertainment by comedians, ventriloquists, clowns, folklore groups and many others, and the evenings always finished with a dance continuing almost to sun rise.

Gema Montesdeoca García Gema Montesdeoca García(pic left) was crowned this year’s Fiesta Queen. Maids of honour were Selene Melián Gorrín, Ingrid Belardi Colombo, Mercedes Carmen Pérez Treiber, Yamilé Hernández Correa and Patricia Socas Domínguez.

The big night was Sat 19th – Firework night. No work on Sunday, so armed with camera and all accessories we made our way to Puerto Santiago, pausing to laugh at all the youngsters’ attempts to stay on the bulls which were a main attraction at the fairground.

A friend’s balcony above Puerto Santiago beach was the perfect viewing place, and over a couple of drinks we had a spectacular view of the procession and the fireworks.

puerto-santiago-fireworksEach year the fireworks get brighter, louder and last even longer and the vibrations could be felt through the walls and floors – I did spare a thought for all those terrified pets in the area.

Once the display finished it was back to the Plaza for another night of music and dancing to the wee small hours – this time to one of my favourites the Arguayo Band.

……..And if you missed it all, it will all be repeated at Santiago del Teide, Tamaimo, San Juan and Alcala in the next few weeks!

More pictures of the fireworks can be seen on losgigantes.com photogalleries