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Dingo Dogs evicted

Posted by dolly diver on July 30, 2009
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A horrendous situation unfolded this week when 65 dogs under the care of Phil Nelson and his charity Dingo Dogs were evicted from a plot of land near Guia de Isora.

A court order was obtained by the owner of the land, and the Judge then instructed the Ayuntamiento of Guia de Isora to remove the dogs. By law, animals must be transported safely and kept in an clean area, with fresh water, food and access to medicines if needed. These dogs however were taken to a small place intended for goats, some 10 x 12 metres, with little shade, and no water or food. One dog died within 30 minutes (pictured).

Live Arico´s Eugenio was called to assist and found the situation to be horrific. A finca has now been arranged as a temporary measure but they can only stay there for 21 days.

Through FECAPAP (Federación Canaria de Asociaciones Protectores de Animales y Plantas) a denuncia has been made against the Ayuntamiento of Guia de Isora citing the many breaches made in regard to the welfare of these poor creatures, including the fact that no vet or qualified person was present in their transportation.

It is expected that this story will make the Spanish news, and Eugenio hopes that, although this situation is diabolical, it will force the animal welfare issue further into the public eye and the powers that be will finally concede that land is urgently needed for an official rescue centre. After all, Live Arico, K9, Dingo´s, and all the other animal rescues in the south exist because the town halls have done nothing about the problem of abandoned animals. A rescue centre has finally been acquired for the North, in El Sauzal, but nothing for the South, and that needs to change, and change quickly given that in a matter of days, these 65 dogs will be homeless yet again.

Article by Sue Havenhand


“There was a meeting, this afternoon Thursday 30th July with FECAPAP and Guia de Isora Ayuntamiento. Most of the dogs are going to be taken to the Cabildo´s own refuge in El Sauzal, and the rest divided between the refuges affiliated to FECAPAP, eg Live Arico. €15,000 is to be made available to deflea, worm and vaccinate them and any money left over will be divided amongst the refuges who have taken the animals. Live Arico have taken 3 already. The dogs should be gone from the finca by the weekend.
There will be a meeting another meeting tomorrow Fri 31st July, with FECAPAP to discuss the possible purchase of the land in Fasnia, on which to contrust a rescue centre for the south of the island.

Dingo Dogs rescue shelter

Posted by dolly diver on September 22, 2008
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(click on photo to enlarge)

There has been much talk and heated discussions this past couple of weeks on both forum and tenerife forum I won’t repeat the discussions but anyone interested can catch up through these links.

Basically there were 2 questions:- Are Dingo Dogs a registered legal Charity, with fiscal and inscripción numbers, and should they, as they are based in Guia De Isora, fundraise in the Santiago del Teide area, where there are already 2 registered animal charities.  These 2 questions have triggered off one of the most controversial strings on the forum.

At the invitation of Andy, president of Dingo Dogs and Phil, the director I was invited to the centre to see for myself the shelter and meet all the dogs in their care. All they requested of me was an unbiased report, I could take as many photos as I wished, and no area of the sanctuary was out of bounds to me. I then thought it a good idea if Judith Noble, from the Santiago del Teide Branch of Asociación San Francisco de los Animales, came with me because she had never visited the shelter. That was no problem to Phil.

part-of-the-rescue-shelterThe shelter is located quite a way up the Cuevo del Polvo road. I would have had problems finding it but Andy met us and we followed him. As we pulled up at the shelter the dogs were so excited at having visitors that we were unable to talk for a while until they settled down. Phil welcomes visitors at anytime but it is best to telephone ahead and give him warning. The reason being is that the majority of the dogs have complete run of the large grounds. When visitors arrive the dogs get excited which can lead to a punch up between them. Phil fastens the possible troublemakers by their leads to their respective kennels to keep order in camp. Read more