The Lions club of Santiago Del Teide, early in 2003, noticed that the junior schools in this area lacked computer classes. Lion Steve Gilbert headed a team that approached a local wealthy businessman, Jens Fulda. Jens was a German Real-Estate developer, and a long time resident of Los Gigantes. He had already set about funding computers for the older children in local schools.

Nineteen schools were nominated, but the project was to take over five years. Liaising with the local Town halls, some of the schools had security problems. The Authorities had to attend to the vulnerability of the premises before the computers could be installed. Some just had insufficient space, and had to undergo structural improvements before the suites could be introduced. Other schools had to have their electrical supplies enhanced to facilitate the suites.

Lions members Steve Gilbert, Jon Thornley (Joiner) and Paul Marley (Custom Built Computers), funded by Jens Fulda took on the task. The Municipalities of Guia De Isora and Santiago Del Teide were the two areas in this Lions Clubs zone of responsibility.

Steve being a fluent Spanish speaker did most of the organising, with Jon and Paul, the supplying and fitting.

The first school to be completed was the Tamaimo Junior School (pic).
An opening ceremony in the October 2003, was attended by the Lions team, President Ken Ward, Jens Fulda, and on behalf of the local authority, Maria Candelaria who was the Deputy Alcalde (Mayor) and in charge of Social Services. This took place at the schools new computer suite.

The first school in the Guia De Isora Municipality to be completed was the Aqua Dulce junior school. The opening, in November 2003, was attended by the Alcalde, Sñr Pedro Martin, with some of the schools teachers and pupils parents, accompanied by the Lions team.

Over the following years, problems such as security and power being made available, were overcome, so the remaining schools in the two Municipalities were completed. Now all the designated schools are furnished with computer suites.

The whole cost of the project was about 300,000 euros.
At last, the younger children can ‘cut their teeth’ on the most modern educational skills, and enhance them as they get through their tuition years with a fuller education.

The Lions Club awarded a Melvin Jones Fellowship to Jens Fulda for his philanthropy, as an example of how local businessmen can support and enrich the community.