The Canarian Department of Tourism has announced that tourism has increased by more than five per cent this quarter, compared to the same period last year, and declares the Canaries top Spanish tourist destination with 2.7 million foreign visitors.

Together, in March, the islands hosted over 1 million foreign visitors, which is a 3.8% increase on March 2007

The minister for Tourism, Rita Martín, is delighted with the first quarter’s results but emphasised the importance of continuous improvements of products and infrastructure available in the Canary Islands.

The islands saw an 80% increase in visitors from Poland in March, followed by the Swiss, 50% up and Austrians, up almost 20%.

Figure announced by The Canarian Department of Tourism

Tenerife, 370,180 tourists in March. 2,638 more than 2007
Gran Canaria had 306,924 visitors in March, up by 21,709 on last year.
Lanzarote had 169,065 over the same period, 5% more than 2007.
In Fuerteventura there was an increase of almost 3%, 142,042 people,
La Palma 14,596 visitors in March, up a disappointing 0.5% on 2007.

Sector leaders have warned, however, that the bumper figures should be treated with caution given that they are not comparable to previous years because Easter fell unusually early this year.