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New beach for Alcala

Posted by dolly diver on February 3, 2010
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The Spanish government have promised three million Euros to build a one-kilometre beach and promenade at La Jaquita (Alcala). The plans have been approved, and the local council says it hopes to award the actual tender in the next few weeks.

Mayor Pedro Martín says the new beach will complement Playa San Juan, where a tourist information office has opened recently, and will strengthen Guía de Isora’s case to be formally designated a tourist town, which will bring more public investment and more flexible trading hours for local commerce. The project is the second to be undertaken in La Jaquita in the last few years, following the extensive work done to the seafront stretch in late 2007.

Parking plans for Alcala and San Juan

Posted by dolly diver on September 16, 2009
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more-parking-in-alcalaWill the headache of trying to get parked in Alcala or San Juan soon be a thing of the past?

Work has already started in Alcala and is expected to be finished by 2010, on providing two floors of additional parking for 50 cars in the extension of the new cultural centre.

There are also plans for San Juan. The town square will be remodelled and the church demolished. A new church will be built by the beach. Sixty new parking places will be created in this project.

Guía council is treating the parking problem as a priority. Although new legislation means that new buildings have to have garage space for their residents, there are a great many older buildings in the area without this facility and they are determined that the transport of the borough will not be brought to a halt for lack of decent and sufficient parking for residents and visitors.

It’s a shame Santiago Del Teide Council have no similar parking plans for Los Gigantes. DD

Alcala drugs arrest

Posted by dolly diver on April 1, 2009
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Two Spanish men, 26 year old H.F.P. and 33 year old V.D.J.A have been arrested in Alcala for possession of 12 kg of hashish.

During undercover police investigations the two men from El Rosario were transporting large amounts of the hashish to tourist resorts, which were to be re packaged into smaller amount which could be easily sold in bars.

Both men are now in custody waiting a court hearing.

Coastal clean up for Alcala

Posted by dolly diver on July 25, 2008
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Beach clean up San JuanAfter the success of last year’s coastline cleanup campaign at San Juan, the beaches and shoreline of Alcala will undergo a massive clean up tomorrow, Saturday July 26th 2008.

Work will begin at 9am when the volunteers meet in the Plaza de Llano, in Alcala. Several groups will be formed, and each will cover their specified area.

At the same time there is a plan to inform all citizens about the rules of recycling and garbage separation.


Dia de Canarias ( Canarian Day)

Special celebrations for Canarian Day will be held in Alcala Plaza on Friday 30th May.

The fun starts at 10am – 6pm with a craft fair.

Then in the evening from 11pm there is a Canarian folk music competition and dancing.

For many years now there has been much speculating about the plans for the construction of a multi-purpose port at Fonsalía, between Playa San Juan and Alcalá on our west coast of Tenerife.

Draft plans for the €177 million project, covering an area of 27,000m, have now been announced by the Canarian government. They include four large quays for commercial vessels and inter-island ferries, docking facilities for cruise liners and a sports marina with berths for 463 boats.

The initial plans have been in the pipeline for some time now, and a lot of consideration has been given as to how to build the new section of the island ring road, between the Adeje roundabout and Guia de Isora, which has to include a connection running down to Fonsalía to cope with the increased amount of commercial and tourist traffic the port will bring.

Coalición Canaria spokesperson for Guía de Isora council, Jesús Morales said the project represented a unique opportunity for economic development in the municipality and would be taking a great deal of ferry traffic from Los Cristianos.

Guia de Isora Mayor, Pedro Martín, said he was delighted by the economic boom the project would bring to the area but there were still many obstacles to overcome, such as how to access the tiny village of Fonsalía and the environmental concerns of the people living there. Consideration of the environmental impact on the area was a priority.

Minister visits San Juan and Alcala

Posted by dolly diver on March 4, 2008
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Spain’s Environment Minister, Cristina Narbona is in Tenerife to see for herself the progress being carried out at San Juan beach.

The Minister was accompanied by José Fernández, head of the department of Coasts. The high-powered delegation also looked over the new La Jaquita coastal walkway in front of the new hotel complex, Alcala.

The Playa San Juan beach, which has been a building site for months, is expected to be open to the public within the next few weeks.

Bank robbery in Alcala

Posted by dolly diver on December 18, 2007
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A branch of the CajaCanarias bank in Alcalá was robbed last Tuesday lunchtime. A man armed with a pistol made off with 7,000 euros.

Bank security cameras are being analysed to try to identify the robber who was wearing jeans, sunglasses and a white cap. Witnesses said he spoke Spanish with a foreign accent, and is thought to be from eastern Europe. To celebrate his haul, he paused in a nearby bar for a drink before running away from the scene.