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Rod Stewart concert in Adeje

Posted by dolly diver on November 27, 2008
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rod-stewartSometimes it is not all doom and gloom, and this morning my day was suddenly enlightened when I heard that my teenage heart throb Rod Stewart is to perform in Adeje, next May.

It brings back memories of being a teenager in trouble with parents for sticking his posters all over my newly papered bedroom wall. I did win this argument because removing them would have ruined the wallpaper, I remember being grounded for a weekend for the offence, but it was well worth it.

The concert date is set for 16th May 2009 and is being organising by “Sun Live Canarias”, the same company who organised the Elton John concert last January.

A press conference is being held in the next few days to confirm the venue and ticket arrangements and a spokesman from the company says further superstar concerts are in the pipeline for Adeje.

Watch this space for more info – but I’m first in the queue for a ticket!

Body discovery At Sea

Posted by dolly diver on July 8, 2008
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The naked body of a man, thought to be aged between 30 and 35, was found floating in the sea off Diego Hernandez beach in Adeje on Sunday morning. People on board a private boat made the initial discovery. The body was recovered by Guardia Civil officers in their patrol boat Rio Gallo.

The man, who has not yet been named has long hair, a beard, a tattoo on one arm with the words Maria Ines inside a heart, as well as other tattoos.

Northern train

Posted by dolly diver on June 30, 2008
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Busi­ness owners in Icod are gathering support from town councils throughout the north of Tenerife to push for a planned railway to reach the old commer­cial town.

The regional government are planning to build a railway connecting Santa Cruz to Adeje, which will improve travelling to and from the capital to the tourist resorts of the south. The rail link will reduce traffic and mod­ernise the island’s trans­port network. The lines will then be extended to reach Los Realejos.

A railway tunnel between La Orotava and Güímar is also in the advanced planning stage. Icod’s business as­sociation, Aspymecod, is playing the victimised card and suggests that by be­ing excluded they are being treated as second class.

For the future progress of Tenerife’s northwest it is concidered that their inclu­sion in the railway network as absolutely imperative.

No doubt the councils further to the north feel the same and with more reason. Icod at least has a major bus sta­tion which acts as a hub for connections to many of the neighbouring towns and surroundings, whilst other towns are lucky to see one bus an hour.

For many years now there has been much speculating about the plans for the construction of a multi-purpose port at Fonsalía, between Playa San Juan and Alcalá on our west coast of Tenerife.

Draft plans for the €177 million project, covering an area of 27,000m, have now been announced by the Canarian government. They include four large quays for commercial vessels and inter-island ferries, docking facilities for cruise liners and a sports marina with berths for 463 boats.

The initial plans have been in the pipeline for some time now, and a lot of consideration has been given as to how to build the new section of the island ring road, between the Adeje roundabout and Guia de Isora, which has to include a connection running down to Fonsalía to cope with the increased amount of commercial and tourist traffic the port will bring.

Coalición Canaria spokesperson for Guía de Isora council, Jesús Morales said the project represented a unique opportunity for economic development in the municipality and would be taking a great deal of ferry traffic from Los Cristianos.

Guia de Isora Mayor, Pedro Martín, said he was delighted by the economic boom the project would bring to the area but there were still many obstacles to overcome, such as how to access the tiny village of Fonsalía and the environmental concerns of the people living there. Consideration of the environmental impact on the area was a priority.

Price falls of between 2% and 6% have been seen, especially in the South.

Value It, the Santa Ursula based publisher of The Tenerife Property Price Guide, today releases the results of its survey of Tenerife property prices, showing falls in prices for the three regions of Tenerife, (the South and South East, the North, and the Metropolitan region).

During the last six months, property prices have fallen by 3,48% in the South and South East (from Candelaria around the coast to Santiago del Teide). In the North, prices have fallen the least, by 2,64%, and in the Metropolitan region (Santa Cruz, La Laguna, El Rosario and Tegueste) prices have fallen by 3,27%. When general inflation is taken into account (2,1% over the last six months) the real falls are 5.6% in the South, 4,7% in the North and 5,4% in the Metropolitan region.

John Gardner of Value It commented: “These are averages for these regions, and are based upon a survey of 6250 properties for sale. Within each region there have been greater falls in some areas and for certain property types, and a few areas are level with inflation or still seeing prices rise.

Puerto de la Cruz has seen falls below the average for example, while the falls in Adeje are consistent with the southern region as a whole. The answer for people looking to buy in Tenerife is thorough research and knowing the pricing trends in the areas and for the property types. There is no substitute if you want to buy well and protect your investment. For those thinking of selling they can work out what would be a good or competitive price to ensure that they attract serious buyers”.

Mayor gets tough on binmen

Posted by dolly diver on April 1, 2008
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Adeje rubbishJCBs have been ordered in to clear rubbish from Adeje, particularly in the coastal districts.

Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga has risked an all-out confrontation with striking binmen by the order.

The strike, now in its second week, by refuse collection workers over pay escalated yesterday when, just minutes after the binmen staged a protest outside the town hall, the mayor sent in the bulldozers to clear the rubbish mountains and load the garbage onto lorries to be taken to the island’s dump.

The action was being taken because of the health risk posed by the more than 130 tons of rubbish, piled up over the last two weeks during strike.

The measure, widely applauded by local residents and businesses, has been criticised by the binmen as illegal. However, Rodríguez Fraga said he would not hesitate to do the same again if the situation worsens and has even threatened to cancel the tender awarded to the refuse company.

The mayor also stated that while acknowledging the right of workers to strike, he also had to consider the rights of local inhabitants and the tourists to a clean and healthy environment