a world of musicWhatever your musical tastes, “A World of Music” is a must-see show. The concert, taking place at the Auditorium in Santa Cruz on 29th March, fuses music styles from all over the globe.

“The language of music needs no words” – this is the notion behind the concert, which will explore the universal language of music by blending diverse musical influences – each bringing their own unique qualities to the mix. During the 20th Century, cultures have merged to astonishing effect. As with mixing colours, when different styles of ethnic music interweave, the result is a multitude of tones – a delight for the ear!
The event will feature artists from various international locations including Los Angeles, Cádiz, Singapore, Senegal, Norway, Germany, and the Canary Islands.

For more information and to buy your ticket now, visit www.auditoriodetenerife.com