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There are many people whose Spanish driving licences have expired without their realising as they were expecting to receive a renewal reminder.

At present it appears that Tráfico are not sending out renewal reminders, so it is up to us to remember! The process for renewal of your Spanish drivers licence is as follows.
You need to present in Tráfico or have somebody present on your behalf the paperwork:
* The application forms for the renewal of the driver’s licence that can be obtain from .
* To pay the renewal cost of €22.22
* N.I.E form and Certificado de Empadronamiento or the Green Residencia form and photocopies.
* Passport and photocopies.
* Expired licence.
* Medical certificate from an authorised medical centre to prove that you a fit and able to renew your licence.
* A photograph of maximum size 32 x 26 mm in colour with a plain background.
* A photo signature application form that can be obtained from Tráfico.
The licence can be renewed up to three months before it is due and can be renewed after its expiry date but driving when it is expired can be penalized with a fine.
Staying on the same subject if you decide to exchange your foreign licence for a Spanish one you would need to follow the next two steps.
In the first instance you need to present Tráfico with photocopies of your licence, passport and NIE or Residencia along with a signed declaration telling them what you a presenting and that you are happy for them to carry out the paperwork on your behalf, this form is available from Tráfico. You would then need to wait 45 days from the date of presentation to complete the process as Tráfico need to contact the authority that issued the licence to check the licence is still valid and that it has not been revoked for any reason.
After the 45 days you would need to present the following documentation to Tráfico in order to complete the process.
* The application forms for the renewal of the driver’s licence that can be obtain from .
* To pay the renewal cost of €26.26.
* The Green Residencia form and photocopies.
* Passport and photocopies.
* A photograph of maximum size 32 x 26 mm in colour with a plain background.
* A photo signature application form that can be obtained from Tráfico.
* The licence that you are exchanging.
* Declaration form available from Tráfico.
If the licence that you are exchanging is still in date you do not need a medical certificate. If however the licence has expired you will need to have the same documentation but you need to pay for inscription and then an exchange at a cost of €30.10 and also you need a medical certificate.

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7th storm alert

Posted by dolly diver on December 17, 2010
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SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) issued a yellow alert yesterday due to a storm approaching the islands.

The alert has been extended to all the islands today with warnings of high winds and heavy seas.

This is the seventh storm alert that the Canary Islands have suffered recently, the worst one being at the end of November.

Yesterday, bad weather forced La Palma airport to cancel four flights and six flights were delayed for more than an hour.

Today in Tenerife, rain is forecast at 15mm per hour with winds gusting at 75km per hour in the higher altitude, particularly in the Vilaflor and La Orotava areas.

On Saturday, there will still be some rain and wind which may extend into Sunday morning. There will be a transition period from Sunday afternoon and Monday when a new storm is predicted for Tuesday.

Ice rink for Santa cruz

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An ice rink, measuring 20m X 30m near the Plaza de España in Santa cruz has recently opened its doors to the public.

It is open daily from 10am to 10pm.

Ticket prices are adults Euros 5, children Euros 4 and Euros 3.50 per person in groups of 12 or more.

The ticket price is for 1 hour of skating and includes skate hire. There is also a locker room.

The rink is inside a 7.5m tent and will hold 120 people at a time. Monitors and medical staff are employed full time.

Government to clamp down on illegal holiday lets

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A campaign has been announced by The Canary Islands Government to rid the islands of the estimated 400,000 illegal, unregistered tourist accommodation.

Jorge Rodriguez, Canary Minister for Property and the Economy, stated earlier this week that for the whole of 2011 17 inspectors would be employed full-time to stamp out all illegal accommodation.

Every year before Christmas it has become a tradition here in Los Gigantes to illuminate the “Tree of Light” to raise money to assist people less fortunate than ourselves.

In the last few years, through the generosity of the residents and visitors to this community, we have been able to sponsor hundreds of cataract operations in the Third World.

This year, with the Economic Crisis that has had such a devastating effect on so many people in this corner of Tenerife, the Lions Club of Santiago del Teide is concentrating on raising funds simply to buy food to supplement the meals that many local parents are struggling to provide for their families. Many of them are trying to survive on as little as Euros 100 per month!

Most of us have lost someone dear to us and it is at this time of year that they are uppermost in our thoughts.

The Lions Club of Sanitago del Teide would like to invite you all to sponsor a bulb on their “Tree of Light” and dedicate it to the memory of that special person. It will remain illuminated (weather permitting), every night until the end of the festive season.

Each bulb costs only Euros 5. All money raised will go directly to purchasing those much needed groceries.


The Green Corner bar – Los Gigantes
Restaurant Asturias – Los Gigantes
Simple Simons – Los Gigantes
Paul Ruane – Los Gigantes
Los Gigantes Diving Centre – Marina, Los Gigantes
Megatone – El Varadero
MDI – Alcala
Las Rosas Resort – Puerto Santiago

Or send by post to :-
Santiago del Teide Lions Club, Apartado de Correos 198, 38683 Puerto de Santiago, S/C Tenerife

“Bitter and Twisted”

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Lions Club International had a great start to their Christmas programme on November 18th 2010 when some 80 members and guests went to Puerto de la Cruz for an afternoon of shopping at the La Villa shopping centre followed by a Christmas buffet and entertainment at the “The Majestic”, the new home of “Bitter and Twisted.

The meal was superb and the glamour and slick changes of the fabulous act had everyone laughing until their sides ached.

So it’s a big vote of thanks to Lions member Mary for arranging it all, and to “Bitter and Twisted for all their hard work which resulted in a profit of Euros 1,300 for Lions charities.

More heavy rain forecast.

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The spells of heavy rain continue and the Met Office has issued yet another yellow alert for the Canary Islands today, Wednesday 8th Dec up to midnight.

Areas expected to be worst hit are the south and west of La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro and the east, south and west of Tenerife.

Check out prediction for Puerto de Santiago for the next few days. Looks like rain brollies can be exchanged for sun brollies at the weekend.

Los Gigantes has escapes major storm damage

Posted by dolly diver on December 1, 2010
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The electrical storms and rough seas prevented diving or dolphin watching boats from leaving the safety of the harbour but Los Gigantes has escaped major damage during the storms of the past few days.

Winds of up to 190 kph struck Izaña and 140 kph in Puerto de la Cruz, trees uprooted, cranes blown over, roves damaged as well as flooding.

No-one was killed but one person is still in hospital with serious head injuries after an iron door fell on him and four people were slightly injured by falling glass.

Reports indicated that yet again the agricultural sector will pay dearly, with banana, and avocado farmers reporting high levels of damage.

Many flights were cancelled. 23.000 people were left without electricity, particularly in Los Realejos, Icod de los Vinos, Arico, Arona and San Miguel, and 13 schools were unable to reopen yesterday (Tuesday) due to storm damage.

………..and it’s not over yet. More rain is forecast for the weekend and early next week. Weather experts are monitoring the situation but no alerts have been issued yet.

The NEW Tajinaste

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The NEW Tajinaste opened its doors recently under new management and one of the first acts to entertain were Mike Stone and Chris Brown, known as “The Gaffers” who sing everything from “My old man’s a dustman” to the well known classics of the 60′s and 70′s. They encourage guests to join them but rest assured this is not karaoke; the people in the ‘guest spot’ are talented and can hold a tune, so very entertaining.

This week saw Traveller Blues Band return. Every time these boys play together, they get better and better. Of course, they are getting lots of practice as they now have resident slots at various venues across the south of the island as well as in the west, where their talent was originally recognised. Like The Gaffers they also encourage talented musicians to jam with them, this audience participation makes the night special not just for those joining in but also for those enjoying this unscheduled detour from the programme.

The new layout of the bar/restaurant is excellent allowing more space for dancing and the new seating arrangement means that everyone has a good view of the entertainment. That is if you can get a seat! The place was heaving on Friday, it was standing room only. The atmosphere was electric. Whiskey asked how many in the audience had been before and there were only a few hands raised, the rest like a mini League of Nations was made up of a good mix of Brits, Spanish, German and Dutch and many had made a special journey as word about the band has spread.

Although the bar is under new management, Cookie is still in the kitchen and the food coming out looked delicious, I think I spotted liver and onions, yum, a meal just right for when the colder nights arrive. OK, not cold like in the UK, but we locals feel the nip in the air. The fish and chips were first rate but as well as the good old staples, he is also cooking up some surprises.

Wendy and Leanne were doing an excellent job making sure everyone’s glass was topped up and getting the good grub to the tables while piping hot.

Just remember Traveller play every other Friday and the Folk night has started again for the winter season, this is also popular as the previous week the restaurant was also full. Sunday night is another great night not to be missed, with 5 piece rock band “Phoenix” (formerly “It’s Immaterial”) alternating with Stu McCoy a fabulour sax player. I think this place is going from strength to strength. If you want to eat I would recommend booking a table, if you want a seat get there very EARLY!!

Congratulations to the new team I think they have hit on a winning formula.

For full information check out our “What’s on locally” page
For details of how to get there, scroll to bottom of page.

Holidaymaker drowns in Tamaimo Tropical pool

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A 38-year-old British holidaymaker Andrew Nicol, 38, from Clevedon, North Somerset, drowned in a swimming pool whilst on holiday in Puerto Santiago.

Mr Nicol, who ran a car transport service, was staying at the Hotel Tamaimo Tropical with his wife and 10 year old daughter.

The Foreign Office said it was providing consular assistance to his family. Police are not treating his death as suspicious.

Police believe Mr Nicol died of natural causes and are not treating his death as suspicious.